unable booting after windows 7 loader installation

it happened some days ago when i tried to use maybe-obsolete windows 7 loader. after the process of installation i found that my laptop couldn’t boot. it looped between the off state and the logo. the solution is actually simple. we can use our installation disk or our windows installation that had been set into other media such as usb flashdisk. make sure you can boot into th flashdisk or your installation media. you can choose the boot priority by modify its setting. just press ‘esc’ while the logo of your laptop manufacturer comes up.

fixing the boot loop can be done using tools provided by windows installation, usually its just loader problem, so once you fix it your laptop will run as usual. choose command prompt and use this following options :
a. bootrec /fixmbr
b. bootrec /fixboot

type or try to run the second option if you can’t get your laptop right using the first one 🙂

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    1. I am having same problem what you have written over here. Is there no way out? I am pressing ESC while my manufacturer’s logo is coming but it is not Helping to get the system out from the loop. What should I do???

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