Top 5 Duplicate File Remover Free

Duplicate files sometimes exist and waste our harddisk, here i give you some link of duplicate file remover software. with this software you can free your storage space. enjoy.

1. Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

this file duplicate file finder will search for all files in your directories and display duplicate files sorted by its size. It’s light and fast. It is also simple to use.

download here

2. Duplicate Cleaner

It is able to delete your duplicate files even in your coorporate network. from i get this words

“Duplicate Cleaner 1.3 is a tremendously helpful program for anyone wishing to tidy up a PC by identifying and deleting duplicate files. Though simple to use, we don’t recommend this for novices, because of the potential damage from mistakenly removing needed files.”

download here

3. Duplicate File Finder

Find true duplicates (files with same contents). Find duplicate songs by Title, Artist, Album. Built in Picture Viewer and Music Player. Protect system files and folders. Convenient and easy to use user interface. Export list of duplicates to HTML, CSV, TXT.
What’s new in this version:
Its now Free Edition
All New Design with many added features
Built in Picture Viewer to identify files easily
New Music Search Engine to find duplicate music files like mp3 and wma
New Unique Files Search Engine to identify unique files in A and B folders.

download here

4. Duplicate Checker

It is main features are : 1) search files with the same name, same size, same content (based on CRC32 algorithm); 2) image preview and thumbnails bar, mp3 bar; 3) many operations on list of found files: delete, move, copy; 4) export to CSV file.

download here

5. Duplicate Photo Finder

download here

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