The reason why IPTV exploding?

The reason why IPTV exploding?

Video is precisely timed, continuous stream of constant bit rate information which actually needs its own channel that is purposely-built for video. In contrast IP carry many different kinds of data from different recourse on a common channel. IP is actually deliver information in broken packet. IP technologies by default doesn’t meed the requirement for video service but why IPTV is exploding?

from IPTV and internet Video book, the reason are these five basic arguments :

1. Broadband IP networks reach so many households, Video service providers don’t need to create their own network
2. IP can simplify task to launch new video services, such as Video On Demand, and targetted advertisement.
3. The cost of IP networking is declining due to massive production of infrastructures and equipments.
4. IP network is available in every country and the user of highspeed data connection is growing continuously.
5. IP covers and provides services for many technologies such as web, data transfer, money transaction, dll, it means that people will need and use IP technology in their life

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