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Microsoft Windows is a series of operating systems produced by Microsoft.

Choice Open Source over Windows?

i have been enjoying two different operating system for last two years. i am common user though, not a programmer or app developer. my dual core laptop has been used two years for helping me with my study in college, and also as a media entertainment for me. 2004, i was enjoying my first experience with computer, what’s inside it? Of course we had Windows, windows 98 or XP that time. In my Junior High School, computer began to be one of the most needed thing. We, as students are required to understand how the computer work, and we had to know basic knowledge about it.

Windows was the first flavor, we tasted the beauty of the computer by learning about ms word and excel, text editor or words application and spreadsheet respectively. There were also some games, such as the sims, fifa, dll. it was amazing to experience those old games. there was also internet, internet explorer let us to browse email sites like yahoo and hotmail. in my small village though we are a consumer, i my self was not a nerd. so that was my first experience as technology consumer. i didnt know anything about opensource, and not knowing that operating system wasnt only windows XP. Windows has gave us many thing to taste, from beautiful words application, spreadsheet, and also many games and applications. All i know those was bundled in .exe form, and not free of charge. All this applications and operating systems itself were expensive actually. Well, not sure its lucky or not, we can found many cracked software and games, many list of serial number and keys, It is really not legal, but we just dont realize and consider it much. what we considered that time just whether or not we can get the software and games run well on our old computer.

Now is the days if technology, term Open Source is announced everywhere and every time because of its major advantages over windows.

from wikipedia
Open-source software (OSS) is computer software that is available in source code form: the source code and certain other rights normally reserved for copyright holders are provided under a software license that permits users to study, change, improve and at times also to distribute the software.

maybe these are the major advantages of open source over windows
1. Ability to be modified, remake, redistribute
it suggests us to understand the program or the system better. and actually we can do it by studying from its sources. some people say it is nice because we may knowing better how program work than just use it for ordinary use.
2. Easy of access and the low (no) price
some opensource come with really low price and some of them come with no charge or free.

Some other better things for open source over proprietary software are (Scholars Casson and Ryan)

Well, know the world of open source comes to us. we should be ready to face it. Windows and its (mostly) proprietary software now still the best for some major applications, and for this reason i still love to use windows. There are many free software too actually, and many ways to learn how to create application that can run on windows. but the term open source and its goal is even more beautiful. From my dual boot ubuntu i learn how Open Source work, i experience the nice service they give, and i’d love to learn more about it too.

source : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open-source_software

How to transform your windows into MAC

well, it is not really transformation tough :). But using some software we can modify our windows to look like MAC. Some separated software exist and can be use, but there is complete package that you can use. This package will install new theme in our windows. So that in appearance setting we can choose MAC theme, which offers us MAC icon and appearance.

this is the example

how to transform your windows into MAC

To transform your windows into MAC you can download this package software called Lion Skin Pack. this software will help you to change all the windows icon into MAC icon once you install it. it will also set the sound into MAC sound, and set font environment into MAC font. Its nice, easy to install and easy to use.

Once you have installed this software, it will automatically activate its MAC Lion theme on your windows dekstop. But however you can choose which theme and you can modificate it. Just right click on your free space on desktop and choose personalisation and choose MAC. you can download Lion Skin Pack in link below :

Windows 8 Taste and Features

windows 8 taste, well this post is actually my friend’s opinion and experience about the newest edition of windows available, windows 8 developer preview. microsoft gives us a chance to experience these features :

1. windows 8 start screen

windows 8 start screen
windows 8 start screen

This is the default start screen replacing the classic desktop. you can still click the classic desktop to switch to the classic layout

2. windows 8 socialite

windows 8 socialite
windows 8 socialite

Socialite is also the name for multiple social network client software in Mac, Microsoft also use this name for its built in facebook client. Continue reading Windows 8 Taste and Features

Uninstall Backtrack 5 Dual Boot Win 7

it’s not uninstall actually, hha just simply delete it.

after a month i tried to use backtrack 5, i found out that my disk space allocated for backtrack 5 was nearly empty, 10 GB was too small. So i’d like to add new disk space, but i haven’t found the way to do it. I came up with uncool steps.

1. Remove old backtrack installation
2. Reinstall backtrack with new disk space allocation

to remove backtrack installation, which is dual booted with windows 7, i have to make sure my windows 7 can still work well. after googling, i got the message to do fixmbr to recover windows 7 boot manager. so here are the steps.

A. Fixing windows 7 boot manager
1. prepare your win7 installation disk (dvd/usb), plug it in.
2. start your computer, set the boot priority from bios setting (first boot usb, or cd/dvd room)
3. when windows 7 installation comes up, choose repair
4. choose repair this computer with recovery tool, click next
5. choose command prompt
6. enter this command

[php]bootRec.exe /fixmbr[/php]

7. reboot your computer

B. Remove backtrack
1. now your computer should start the win 7 automatically
2. go to control panel > System and Security > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > choose Disk Management (under storage properties)
3. u will see clearly your computer partitions, delete your backtrack partition by right click > delete Volume
4. after it is deleted you will have new disk space and u can expand your other windows partition.

partition manager
computer management windows 7

that’s all