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unable booting after windows 7 loader installation

it happened some days ago when i tried to use maybe-obsolete windows 7 loader. after the process of installation i found that my laptop couldn’t boot. it looped between the off state and the logo. the solution is actually simple. we can use our installation disk or our windows installation that had been set into other media such as usb flashdisk. make sure you can boot into th flashdisk or your installation media. you can choose the boot priority by modify its setting. just press ‘esc’ while the logo of your laptop manufacturer comes up.

fixing the boot loop can be done using tools provided by windows installation, usually its just loader problem, so once you fix it your laptop will run as usual. choose command prompt and use this following options :
a. bootrec /fixmbr
b. bootrec /fixboot

type or try to run the second option if you can’t get your laptop right using the first one 🙂

How To Avoid Laptop Turned Off Suddenly

There are some cases where our laptop turned off suddenly. It immediately leaves us with black screen, without giving us any confirmation or message. From google i get some tips to avoid getting our laptop turned off like that. Because it is really annoying if we still have a lot of things to do with our laptop or we are in the middle of really busy project and wana make sure it recorded/run well.

Some tips to avoid your laptop turned of suddenly are listed below :

1. Overheat
Overheat can be caused by running very heavy programs that consumes high amount of RAM and Processing. You can check it via task manager, its green indicator bar displays your ram and proccess usage if you see it too high, you can try to reduce it by closing heavy programs or reducing its proccess. Fan problem usually is the reason why your laptop overheat. If your laptop fan is not working well or may be doesn’t work at all, we can make sure that your laptop will be turned off as soon as it is started. You need to fix it in order to get your laptop performance back.

2. Virus
I don’t know but some virus may cause this turned off problem in your laptop. the solution is offcourse too install the antivirus. Smaller and faster antivirus is better than heavy one :). If you don’t find any problem with RAM + Processor and Fan problem you can try to run full scan on your laptop, but don’t run any other program. if it passed, than maybe virus isn’t your problem

3. Fan position
When you are using your laptop you need to make sure that you don’t block your laptop’s fan. The easy way is to make sure you place your laptop in flat place. for example in table or in floor. dont place your laptop in your bed, blanket or other place that may reduce air circulation.

4. Use cooling pad
Using cooling pad can help you avoid your laptop from heating.

5. Use power management application in windows
Windows also provides you power management application. You can utilize it to reduce your proccessor power consumption. By doing this means you restrain you processor work capacity, you reduce your processor performance, so it won’t get overheat. to do this you can go to windows logo and write power options or you can go to control panel and search power options

power options in windows
power options in windows

then choose one of the power plan > in the right side choose change plan setting

power options, change plan setting
power options, change plan setting

after that you choose advanced setting
in the windows that appears, choose processor and reduce the amount to amount you need

advanced setting in power options
advanced setting in power options

now u should see that your processor power consumption is restrained and it may help you prevent your laptop from overheat problem

Block Program Through Windows Firewall

use your firewall to block all exe files in the game’s intsall directory from going online.
blocking program to access internet can be done by setting in windows 7 firewall. Step by step to block program using windows 7 firewall :

1. Open start, write firewall in search program and files

block exe program with firewall
block exe program with firewall

2. Choose allow a program through windows firewall.
3. In new window that appear choose ‘Change Setting’ to enable you to edit firewall rules for each program.

allow program through windows firewall
list of allowed program through windows firewall

4. Find program names that you want to block, for example Pro Evolution Soccer
if you want to block the program from accessing the internet, make sure the check box is empty.

if you fill the check box before program names, it means you allow this program to access the internet. Removing the check in the check box before the program name means you block/disallow this program to access the internet.

How to backup your email

How to backup your email? it may seem safe but do most of you use free email account like yahoo mail and gmail?. so whats the problem of using free email account? well there is no guarantee that your email will be available forever :), for example if you have exceeded memory restriction, or if there is server maintenance which means you cant access your email for that time. Answering the question we can try some methods to backup our email, so that we can access it from our device when we need it.

1. To back up email we can download the email into our devices (PC, Laptop, dll). There are some software which can help us doing this task

Is a free email application thats easy to set up and customize – and it’s loaded with great features. It is really easy to set up, you just need to provide 3 information : name, email account, and email account password. After you provide this information, it will retrieve setting from your mail server, you than can choose retrieve mode, imap, or pop3. after you choose the mode, thunderbird will download all your email to your device. It will also download folder structure, not just inbox, so it will make sure you get all your email into your device. It is easy to use and really easy to set up.

how to backup your email

Zimbra Desktop
Zimbra Desktop is free email application for your desktop. With bigger installation size, around 90Mb, Zimbra dekstop offers you much more utilities. We can backup our email while enjoying other utilities provided by Zimbra.

2. Back up our email by forwarding email

We can backup email by using forwarding options. Every email sent to our mailbox can be forwarded to other email account. You just need to set up second email account and setting the forwarding options. In yahoo, you can’t do this if you are not premium user, but we can use it in gmail. go to setting => forwarding and pop/imap => set the forwarding address

you can download thunderbird here free download thunderbird

How to play flv file and subtitle in MAC

It seemed that my MAC installation couldn.t play any flv file, and also can’t play other file with subtitle. Like usual, video player needs right codec to be able to play some file (specific ext), in windows we can download K-lite codec pack or another package. In MAC installation, because i am not really MAC user, i got confused for a while finding the right program to play flv file.

1. Perian : it is opensource quicktime component that enable QuickTime to play some video format which is not supported by default.

2. Qt Player : Update version of Quicktime player can be used to make sure that you have installed the latest version which is in better state than version before.

3. XBMC : Free and opensource media player developed by XBMC foundation, it is similiar with Windows media center which offers us, complete package of media player. After installing this software i can play flv file, and other format nicely. It can also play subtitle. Other than the fact that this player seems needs high amount of RAM when active, it serves us complete package of media player we need.


4. VLC : VLC player is also free player, it usually work in windows, but in my MAC installation it didn’t work well and couldn’t perform what i need.

From some software i tried above, I recommend you to install and use XBMC, since it doesn’t need any plug-in, or any update before we use it. 🙂

How To Compress PDF File

How to compress pdf file
There was a case when i needed to compress my pdf file which is generated from ms word, but i had to compress it till this file has size no larger that 100 KB. After trying some ways, including online file submission and googling, i only found one solution. nitro pdf. you can use nitro pdf to compress your file with steps below.

1. Download/Install nitro pdf
2. Run nitro pdf
3. Open pdf file that you like to optimize or compress (reduce file size)
4. On menu file, choose optimize pdf

How to compress pdf file 1
How to compress pdf file 1

5. The next window choose remove object tab
make sure you check all boxes presented, because it will reduce you file size greater than you ever imagine :).

How to compress pdf file 2
How to compress pdf file 2

6. Click optimize and you get new smaller-size pdf file :D, Save as

To download nitro pdf trial version you can go here or free download nitro pdf

Youlu Address Book Free Download

Youlu Address Book is symbian S60 Software that allows you to change your Sysmbian S60 environment. By Installing this program you will have some different UI thats more android/bbm-like, because it shows your instant messaging like your usual chat application. You will also have address book that can be accessed directly via its menu item.

Free Download Youlu
Free Download Youlu

Youlo also has backup service that will let you to backup your messages into the internet. It also has instant messenger application that can be used like other instant messenger :). So for you guys that proudly still use you nokia or symbian S60 here it is :

Free Download Youlu Adress Book
Free Download Youlu Adress Book for Android and Apple User


Top 5 Free Remote Desktop Software

Remote desktop software is application that will make you able to control your PC remotely. On windows base this function is provided by RDP or remote dekstop connection. This remote desktop connection can be accessed by run command mstsc. Below is the list for non default remote dekstop sotware that works for most Operating Systems. klick the image below to download it.

1. Real VNC
real vnc



2. Tight VNC


3. Team Viewer



4. Tiger VNC


Backtrack 5 with Desktop Application

Backtrack is generally ubuntu with various penetration-testing software and security software installed inside. It is linux distribution that focused for security testing needed, so at your fresh install you will not find any desktop application software installed. nah, becaus of this you will not able use this software to please you with standard application such as mp3 player, file reader, etc.

here some software needed to be installed after you fresh installation.
1. Internet browser : For KDE there is Konkueror installed, but u can install other internet browser such as firefox and google chrome. after u connect the internet using wicd network manager, just use apt-get to install those software
apt-get install firefox
apt-get install chromium-browser

2. Music Player : Thera some options such as amarok, banshee, and vlc player. but unfortunately (in my case) backtrack 5 can’t play mp3 file. you can solved this problem by installing gxine with all its dependencies.

here is the command :

sudo apt-get install gstreamer0.10-pitfdll gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad-multiverse gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly-multiverse gxine libxine-main1 libxine-extracodecs ogle ogle-gui

i get it from http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-335023.html

3. Video player : After u do the command above, any video file (must be) can be played with gxine or other software.

4. Pdf reader : thera some pdf reader avaliable such as : document viewer and xpdf, i think evince works better.
apt-get install evince
apt-get install kpdf

5. Text editor : u can use nano (shell) as text editor but gedit should give you better view.
apt-get install gedit

6. When i tried to open .chm file i find error occured, the software can not properly view the .chm file as it is. then i find out from google to use kchmviewer. kchmviewer is good .chm viewer for ubuntu.
[php]apt-get install kchmviewer[/php]

other software, u can easily choose it from package manager.