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User Profile Service service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded

the user profile service service failed the logon
User Profile Service service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded

how to solve problem the user profile service service failed the logon

i just met this problem tomorrow, when i try to login into my windows 7 ultimate edition.
i find this solution in internet

1. Use other profil with administrator privilege to login (if you dont have one then you should
look at this post http://caleudum.com/how-to-get-admin-privilege-in-windows/)
2. Open regedit

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList

a) That the key name doesn’t end in “.bak” (remove .bak if there)
b) That the RefCount value is 0 (change it if different)
c) That the State value is 0 (change if different)

User Profile Service service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded
User Profile Service service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded

for my problem the solution is the a)
i found out that my profile is ended with .bak, like in the picture above
after i rename this by removing the “.bak” i can login with my account that is failed the logon before

3. log off and try to log in with your own user account

hope it can help you.

credits : http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_vista-security/user-profile-service-service-failed-the-logon-user/4ed66b21-c23e-42f1-98b2-706dcf931fae

How to get admin privilege in Windows

How to get admin privilege in windows? how to create admin account in windows? how to clear and reset windows user and password?

i have been trouble with this issue since i dont have any account with admin privileged in my newly given laptop. the result of not having this administrator privilege is that i couldn’t install any software i want. i couldn’t event change the desktop background. demm…

up until that time i don’t know that there is a way to get admin privilege, create admin account, or clear and reset windows user and password. (or i know but wont bother think about it because i didnt have any issue with my own laptop).
so the solution was to install my own windows os as second boot/first boot. this method will leave the laptop with 2 windows operating system and separate folders, because i choose to install my own windows 7 in different partition (you should to this too if you want to install second, or third operating system. Partitioning harddisk is easy task to easily managed different OS)

but after browsing/searching for a while i get even brighter solution!. Hiren Boot :)…. this Hiren is crazy software. these are steps you need to get admin privilege in Windows

1. Just download and copy hiren boot to CD or create flash usb bootable and make your laptop to first boot CD or flash usb disk.
2. you will then will boot to hiren CD. press enter to continue boot.
3. Hiren software will display list of programs that can be use to tweak your laptop. Choose offline password changer for windows. or something that sound/look like that. (containing words ‘OFFline’ or ‘Password Changer’). press the number of that list (example : 4. Offline password changer for windows). Press 4
4. Follow the instruction. the simple step would be edit user privilege.
5. Choose edit user account/user privilege.
6. Choose user to edit and do the editing, make that user as an administrator.
7. Save.
8. reboot.

The next time you boot your account that has been granted admin privilege will be displayed as administrator account in control panel.

download the hiren boot here

Now, you get the answer of these questions :).
How to get admin privilege in windows? how to create admin account in windows? how to clear and reset windows user and password?

how to see google chrome cookies

Cookie is small piece of data added by website to client browser. When user, using the browser want to browse the same website, this website can load stored information from the cookie. This information such as user past activity in that website, any page that has been accessed, user login information, etc.

See google chrome cookie can be done using some ways :
1. Viewing using chrome browser menu

1. Using option icon in chrome (upper-right corner), choose setting

Chrome Setting
Chrome Setting

2. Show advanced setting in chrome (u can find the link by navigating to the bottom of the page)

Show advanced setting in chrome
Show advanced setting in chrome

3. Choose “content setting” in Privacy section

content setting in google chrome
content setting in google chrome

4. In Cookies part, choose “all cookies and site data”

alt cookies and site data in chrome
alt cookies and site data in chrome

5. New window will appear listing all cookies stored in chrome, you can choose to delete it by selecting the cookies and choose remove. However your action is very limited because you can only view and remove the cookie

Cookies and site data in chrome
Cookies and site data in chrome

2. viewing using extension

you can also see google chrome cookie using extension such as Edit This Cookie. It has some feature such as :

  • delete cookies
  • add cookies
  • edit cookies
  • search cookies
  • block cookies
  • protect cookies
  • export and import cookies in JSON
  • limit expiration date of any cookies

However this browser extension has option to add ads or behave like an adware. It is said that it is used to support the extension and unicef but, if found out it is not needed you can just opt-out it in extension setting.

you can download the extension here


Cookie Injection With Greasemonkey

Http cookie is used for an origin website to send state information to a user’s browser and for the browser to return the state information to the origin site. it can also be taught as ticket for us to enter website, from simple explanation, it will be similiar with ticket for entering specific place. User that has examined ticket are free to enter or go in or out the place, for example once u have logged to facebook.com, in new tab or window, you don’t have to enter log in information again, because your log in state has been stored by your browser through http cookie.

Browser use this http cookie to store information of your session, so that, user that have stored cookie has some advantages such as :

1. saved logging session
2. tracked browsing preference
3. preferred search or article provided by website
4. any service that can be done by storing browsing state on your computer.

because it is usually stored in text format in computer, http cookie will not contain virus or harm computer in a way virus does.

although it gives us advantages but http cookie may harm us in these ways:
1. Used by spyware to track browsing activities (in bad way).
2. Used by hacker to gain access to log in any web service

How to view cookies
you can view your cookies in firefox :
1. tools – option – privacy – remove individual cookie
there you can simply view cookie stored in your computer and remove it.
2. firefox plugin – View Cookies
this plugin is easy to use, you just need to right click anywhere on the site – click view page info – click view cookies menu.
3. wireshark
you can capture cookies with wireshark, in earlier network infrastructure (hub, unprotected wifi) wireshark can be used to capture entire network activities, so that u can easily steal cookies but now you need more efforts to steal/capture network activities

Cookie injection
Cookie injection is a method to modify our own cookie / inject cookie information to our computer/browser, using this method we can gain access to any browser state in particular sites.
In firefox Cookie injection can be done with greasemonkey. greasemonkey is plug-in that enable user script to be run to modify browsing activities.
These are the steps :

1. Download Greasemonkey
2. Install cookie injector script
3. Open sites you want to inject
4. Alt+C , enter cookie information to the form
5. You get logged in in without entering log in forms

source: wikipedia.org, google.com