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Enable Facebook Timeline

Facebook timeline is the newest facebook feature that will display “timeline” on our profil page. This timeline is also accompanied with new facebook “cover” it is your image that will be put like a header page on websites. Facebook timeline divide our profil page into two coloums. These coloums are separated by vertical line right in the middle, this vertical line points to specific events, or wall, or your activities in newest to older order. Facebook timeline also put small timeline menu in the upper right of our profil page, we can go to any specific time in the past to see our older facebook activies. Facebook timeline will soon be realease for all, but by the time this article is posted it is only available for developer.

facebook timeline
facebook timeline

here is the post from facebook about facebook timeline :


and for you who don’t patient enough to wait you can enable facebook timeline by following intructions on this link, enjoy.