Setting Ad hoc network (Peer to Peer) Windows 7

This is step by step to create an adhoc network or peer to peer using wifi on windows 7. ad hoc networks can be useful in general for sharing needs, ranging from sharing files and media, to Internet sharing. In addition these networks typically also used to play online games locally.

needed to make this network a computer or more, to make it follow the steps below:

1. In windows 7 open> Control Panel and select Network and Internet and then select Network and Sharing Center
2. Choose Setup New Connection or Network, then the menu that contains connection options provided windows 7 will appear, from the menus there select setup a wireless ad hoc basis.
3. After selecting the menu appear on wireless ad hoc explanation, click next
4. Next comes form that must be filled in. Those are the Network Name: Type Security, and Security Key;
enter the required information

for example Network Name: HpmeAdhoc, Security Type: WPA2-Personal, Security Key: 12345678,

save of this network part is used if you want to save ad hoc configuration, so that if restart the computer we dont need to perform the steps from 1 to 3.
5. When finished filling click Next.

we,ve just finished creating new ad hoc, now when we click the wifi icon on the bottom right of the menu, it will display a wifi connection named HomeAdhoc . to start the connection click on the icon HomeAdhoc and select/click it to connect. after which it will appear the words waiting for users to HomeAdhoc.

in a way which is used when we do a wifi connection, on a second computer click/select HomeAdhoc. when it is connected, wifi icon on both computers will active (wifi icon with an exclamation mark on win 7).

to check the connection, open a cmd or command prompt (in the start menu > search programs and files form, type cmd), enter the command ipconfig on both computers. after knowing ip address of both computer, we can run ping command.

Ip address setting can also be done manually, with steps below:
1. on the wifi icon (HomeAdhoc) which is connected do right click, and select the status
2. select properties
3. on the menu that appears click on the networking
4. select Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)
5. on the menu that appears select use the following ip address.
for computers that provide Ad hoc networks only need to fill the ip address and netmask
while for the computers that connect to the computer needs to be filled in the ip address, netmask, and gateway. the gateway is loaded with the ip address of computers that provide / create an ad hoc network.

on a computer that provides / create an ad hoc network
enter private ip addresses that are available, eg

on computers that do komeksi
enter the private ip address eg

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