Samsung Galaxy tab S8.4 Bluetooth Keyboard

Samsung Galaxy tab s8.4 8.4 is great tablet with great capabilities, I have posted my Unbundling notes before.  Here I want to write it’s Bluetooth keyboard features.  Samsung Galaxy tab Bluetooth keyboard comes with nice design. It is perfectly fit with Samsung Galaxy tab S8.4 tablet.  The color is the same (mine is silver-gold color),  the size is not disappointing,  although it is smaller compared with notebook keyboards,  but it has good space between each button, this post in fact is written using Samsung Galaxy tab S8.4 Bluetooth Keyboard. It has some function (fn)  buttons that serve as android operational menu. Such as “back button”,  “home button”, and “list option/setting button”. This way, some touch screen operations can be replaced by pressing these function buttons.

Samsung Galaxy tab S8.4 with redmi 1S
Samsung Galaxy tab S8.4 with redmi 1S

This keyboard is rechargeable, the charger is not included in its package. We can recharge it’s battery using usual battery charger for Android phones (from the manual book however, it is stated that we should use only samsung-approved chargers and cables). I haven’t tested how long the battery would last, but it should last for 120 hrs (approx) while the charging time take about 2 hrs.

This keyboard is able to connect to any android device with Bluetooth. Connecting this keyboard to the Android device is very simple. Turn on the keyboard, turn on the Bluetooth on device and ask to pair to keyboard. Confirmation menu will come up on our android device, giving us instruction to type some numbers on keyboard. After we press all the numbers on keyboard, our default input method on our android device is switched to Samsung Galaxy tab S8.4 Blutooth keyboard.

Although the size is quit small, (which reduce the pleasure typing using usual keyboard size) I think this Bluetooth keyboard is quite useful. It increases the productivity of our android device. Just try :).

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