Pokemon Go Banned Bot

Yesterday to keep update with niantic pokemon go feature i tested bot software released on the internet. This bot is very easy to use since it only requires us to do little setup in file configuration, after this little setup, bam!, the bot is running. The bot is accepting PTC & Google login.

This bot was running well with around 20k exp/hour, as i set this bot to farm in some place in tokyo, japan. However this morning i saw error message displayed in bot command line interface saying “softban”. As you expect from bot, it also has unban methode which can be done by spinning pokestop 45 times. But after bot trying to remove the softban using this method, the softban notification sunddenly appeared in cli error message, again. Actually im hoping that niantic begin to take bot user & spoofer seriously. Since many players missuse this bot to occupy gym, rather than simply doing research.

Softban in Bot
Softban in Bot

i think bot that occupies most gyms right now is the most annoying thing we can find in pokemon go. Niantic should proceed this further and faster and i hope this softban message is the result of a new patch done by niantic before they do the ban wae. Let’s hope for the best :).


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