The reason why IPTV exploding?

The reason why IPTV exploding?

Video is precisely timed, continuous stream of constant bit rate information which actually needs its own channel that is purposely-built for video. In contrast IP carry many different kinds of data from different recourse on a common channel. IP is actually deliver information in broken packet. IP technologies by default doesn’t meed the requirement for video service but why IPTV is exploding?

from IPTV and internet Video book, the reason are these five basic arguments :

1. Broadband IP networks reach so many households, Video service providers don’t need to create their own network
2. IP can simplify task to launch new video services, such as Video On Demand, and targetted advertisement.
3. The cost of IP networking is declining due to massive production of infrastructures and equipments.
4. IP network is available in every country and the user of highspeed data connection is growing continuously.
5. IP covers and provides services for many technologies such as web, data transfer, money transaction, dll, it means that people will need and use IP technology in their life

Windows 8 Installation dual boot windows 7

Windows 8 Installation dual boot windows 7 can be performed when you have computer/laptop installed windows 7 before. You can do these step by step to install windows 8 dual boot windows 7 in your laptop :


1. Download windows 8 installation image. Usually available in iso format, you can freely download this windows 8 installation. here or here
2. Create bootable flashdisk/DVD disk. if you want to create bootable flashdisk you can use windows 7 USB download tool. you can download this tool here. The operation is very simple. you just need to plug in you flash disk, run the windows 7 USB download tool, and the only command performed by this tool is asking you to locate your ISO image of windows 8 installation. After you specify the location and choose OK, this program will create bootable flashdisk for windows 8 installation. if you want to create bootable DVD, you just need to burn your ISO image using burning tool :).

3. Before you want to install dual boot win 8 and win 7 you need to create new partition in order to make you easier to manage the harddisk and avoid losing your data. to create new partition you can use Disk Management tool, you can type “create and format hard disk partition” in start > search program and files form.  or go to Control Panel > System and Security > Administrative Tools > Computer management, and choose Disk Management. There you will be given information of each of your partition and you can create new partition by shrinking your old one. You can read this article for example


1. In this step, i assume that you already have bootable flashdisk or bootable dvd for windows 8 installation. after you have these, you need to plug in the flash/media installation. and restart the laptop/computer.

2. When the computer started, choose media boot selection and make sure you choose according to your installation media. this can be performed using f10/esc button. you can press this button while the screen displays the logo of your laptop/pc manufacturer. some option will appear from flashdisk, dvdroom, and harddisk. choose flashdisk if you have bootable flashdisk or choose dvdroom if you have bootable dvd.

3. Your computer will be restarted after you select the booting priority. Now the computer will boot your media installation first. New windows 8 logo will appear and will guide you to install windows 8.

4. The installation step is very simple : – select harddisk partition
– input product key, you can google it using keyword “windows 8 product key free”
– and confirm installation

5. The installation is finished and now you will have 2 option when your windows booting. You can choose windows 8 or windows 7. :).

USee TV, TV Streaming For Android

USeeTV as i mentioned in my post before, has built software for android phone, so that any android phone can play TV streaming function via its smartphone. USeeTV for android is suitable via google play strore. You can read the rest of article and download free USeeTV, TV streaming for Android here.

In that site, i found reviews from 2 users saying that the app is great and 1 user saying the app is bad because for non free video you have to register first. but overall i think its great. so just try it 🙂

UseeTV Free TV Streaming for Indonesia

UseeTV is free TV streaming site for indonesia. It serves us portal to access many tv programs that have been recorded and tv program that is served live tv program/channel such as antv, Bchannel, Metro TV, Indosiar, SCTV, Kompas TV, TV One, O channel, Bali TV, TVRI, TV edukasi, Al Quran Al Kareem, Alegro, and Arena. you can try it here. or open

1. Antv Streaming,
2. Bchannel Streaming,
3. Metro TV Streaming,
4. Indosiar Streaming,
5. SCTV Streaming,
6. Kompas TV Streaming,
7. TV One Streaming,
8. O channel Streaming,
9. Bali TV Streaming,
10. TVRI Streaming,
11. TV edukasi Streaming,
12. Al Quran Al Kareem Streaming,
13. Alegro TV Streaming,
14. Arena TV Streaming

USeeTV has very nice user interface/display, and nicely arranged menu. The streaming quality from USeeTV will be given according to your internet speed, better speed will give you better streaming quality. For modem usage, UseeTV will give you clear video and audio but of course, the unstability in modem connection sometimes give you lags.

You can also browse the schedule for each channel in UseeTV. UseeTV will give you list of its program in calender mode. so that you can browse any program that have been scheduled by the channel.

UseeTV also gives you menu to access VOD or Video On Demand and ToVi, but to access this video you need to login into its system and purchase it via pulsa. Here, you can watch original movie with really cheap price. Just make sure you have stable internet connections.

Other than Video service, UseeTV is also portal for radio streaming, these are some radio channel that is available on UseeTV and can be played for free :

1. Ardan Bandung
2. B Radio Bandung
3. OZ Radio
6. Rajawali
7. Sindo
8. Global
9. RDI
10. RRI pro 1 Tual.
11. Suara Muslim
12. Jodhipati FM
13. Suara Edukasi

advantages :
1. USeeTV has nice user interface and display.
2. USeeTV has Portal both to video and radio streaming.
3. USeeTV has Better display than mivoTV.
4. USeeTV has no ads that usually bother the viewer
5. USeeTV provides Free TV Streaming.

disadvantages :
1. Still in development
2. Unclear menu/section
3. Need simple / more universal registration mode.

Conclusion :

So far, it think USeeTV is one of best TV streaming portal in indonesia, its really worth to try :).

PHP Installation on Ubuntu 11

Installing PHP can somewhat confusing when you dont know the right package, here is the step by step Php Installation on Ubuntu/Linux i get from

1. Install right package
  #apt-get install php5-common libapache2-mod-php5 php5-cli

2. Restart apache to apply changes
# /etc/init.d/apache2 stop
# /etc/init.d/apache2 start

3. search for php-database module
# apt-cache search php5
# aptitude search php5
# aptitude search php5 |grep -i mysql

4. install php mysql and php curl module
# apt-get install php5-mysql php5-curl

source :

Open Different Terminals in Linux/Unix Server

It is sometime necessary to have some windows for working. In case you have linux/unix server it will be easier to use client program such as putty to log in and open another putty if you want to open new windows. But if you are working in front of your computer server, opening two or more terminals will be useful.

normally unix/linux comes up to 6 terminal called tty. you can access terminal by pressing to .
for example if you press then you are opening the default terminal, because you already opened it, it wont show any effect. if you want to open the second terminal (tab/window of shell) press , new terminal (blank screen as usual) will come up and asking you login and password, after you enter login and passwd you will get new terminal or shell windows. for navigate back or open other terminal just change F2 to F3, F4, F5, F6 or F1.

Windows Phone 7.1 Development Tools Free Download

Windows Phone 7.1 Development Tools Free Download

Windows Phone 7.1 Development Tools is software provided by microsoft for developer who wants to try making windows phone application.

There are two installer provided by microsoft, web installer and offline installer. For you who have slower internet connection then the offline installer will help you

Here in this download link of Windows Phone 7.1 Development Tools

Internet connection bandwidths (wikipedia)

Internet connection bandwidths

This table shows the maximum bandwidth (the physical layer net bitrate) of common Internet access technologies. For a more detailed list see list of device bandwidths, bit rate progress trends and list of bit rates in multimedia.
56 kbit/s Modem / Dialup
1.5 Mbit/s ADSL Lite
1.544 Mbit/s T1/DS1
10 Mbit/s Ethernet
11 Mbit/s Wireless 802.11b
44.736 Mbit/s T3/DS3
54 Mbit/s Wireless 802.11g
100 Mbit/s Fast Ethernet
155 Mbit/s OC3
600 Mbit/s Wireless 802.11n
622 Mbit/s OC12
1 Gbit/s Gigabit Ethernet
2.5 Gbit/s OC48
9.6 Gbit/s OC192
10 Gbit/s 10 Gigabit Ethernet
100 Gbit/s 100 Gigabit Ethernet

Automatic Shutdown on Windows

Automatic shutdown on windows can be done in two ways, :
1. via command line
2. via software

Via command line
to run automatic shutdown via command line, first open cmd
then enter shutdown command

[php] shutdown -s -t xxxinsecond [/php]
for example :
[php] shutdown -s -t 7200 [/php]
this will automatically shutdown your computer 2 hours after the command executed.

in case you have running program that need to be closed before you still can force windows to shutdown by adding -f command

shutdown -f -s -t 7200

for windows xp, there will be pop up message showing countdown timer. if you suddenly want to abort this command just run
[php] shutdown -a [/php]

Via software
you can use small size software like vista shutdown timer. you can download it here

Protect File or Folder on Ubuntu/Linux

the necessity of protecting file or folder sometimes exist because we want to prevent file/folder operation from other user. in linux we can use chattr command

to show how this command works,

1. create new file
# touch newfile

2. add chattr command
# chattr +i newfile

3. try to remove file
# rm newfile
rm: cannot remove `newfile’: Operation not permitted

to remove “immutable” attribute just change option from +i to -i
4. remove attribute
# chattr -i newfile

now u should be able to remove the file.
use man chattr to find other possible options.