List of PC Tablet With Docking

List of PC tablet with docking. Below i write a list of PC Hybrid or PC Tablet Laptop with Docking Station. Other options to attach keyboard to our table exist, such as (non-original) keyboard docking for android and keyboard docking for ipad. But these devices i write below has its original keyboard docking and offers us experience of tablet PC and laptop at the same time.

1. Asus Transformer Pad
Asus transformer pad is tablet PC offered by asus. it has eee lines of producst listed in . Asus categorized their product into 3 brands :

Asus Tablet Product
  • Asus Vivo Tab : Windows 8, 10.1″ display, Intel® Atom™ Z2760 Dual-core, Keyboard Docking
Asus Vivo Tab
  • Asus Transformer Tab : Android (Ice Cream Sandwich), 10.1″ display NVIDIA® Tegra® 3 T30L Quad-Core @1.2Ghz, Keyboard Docking
Asus Transformer
  • Asus MemoPad : Android (Jelly bean), 10″ display, NVIDIA Tegra 3 QuadCore, no Keyboard Docking
Asus Memo Pad

2. Microsoft Surface
Microsoft surface is revolutionary new tablet by Microsoft, The Surface comes in two versions: one with Windows RT and another with Windows 8 Pro. The Windows RT model uses an ARM CPU, while the Windows 8 Pro model uses an Intel CPU.

Surface Pro comes with : Win 7, 10.6″ ClearType Full HD Display, 3rd Gen 1Intel® CoreTM i5 Processor with Intel HD Graphics 4000

Surface Pro

Issue with microsoft surface comes with its storage capacity. Its Operating system and applications will need around 32 GB of storage. Leaving amount of harddisk space – 32GB to be used as real storage for files.

3.HP Envy
HP Envy X2 is notebook that doubles as tablet. It offers windows 8 experience laptop with bright display and the mobility of tablet. Its main feature are : Windows 8, Intel Atom Processor Z2760 (1.80GHz) + Intel Graphics for 64GB SSD, 11.6-inch display IPS.


4. Samsung Ativ
Samsung offers Samsung Ativ smart PC and Samsung Ativ SmartPC Pro. Samsung Ativ SmartPC comes with  : Windows 8, Intel Atom Processor Z2760, 11.6″ Intel Graphic Media Accelerator

Samsung Ativ

5. Lenovo IdeaPad
Lenovo comes up with variety of PC Tablet Product, IdeaPad Yoga is one of its product that offers you 4 mode. Like it said in it website, “Choose from one of four modes to use your Yoga: tablet, laptop, tent or stand. Simply flip and fold
the touchscreen, then start your journey.”

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga

Yoga 11 with 11.6″ HD display and Yoga 13 with 13.3″ HD IPS Display.
Those two products is actually called convertible laptop, its keyboards can move almost freely in 360 one axis movement.

More tablet experience are offered by

  • IdeaTab S2110 : Android 4, 10.1″
  • IdeaTab Lynk : Up to Win 8, 11.6″
  • Thinkpad Tablet 2 : Up to Win 8, 11.6″
IdeaTab S2110
IdeaTab Lynk
ThinkPad Tablet 2

How to Download and Create Torrent

Bit Torrent is protocol used to distribute large file in internet, it can be music, videos, program file its familiar terms is torrent. File is broken into pieces by bittorrent. each file will be distributed via peer to peer connection, it means your computer will be connected to other computers in distributing the file, whether when you downloading the file as a leecher (torrent) or when you sharing the file as a seeder.

some terms are used in bittorrent such as :

1. Seed : File provider, computer with file to share
2. Leech : Computer/user that want to download the file
3. Trackers : Server in which information about files seeders address stored
4. Torrent file : small file that describe information about the file that is shared via bittorrent
5. Seed/leech ratio : Discribe the ratio beetween seeder(file provider) and leecher(user downloading the file), larger seeder means faster download

If you want to get ilustrated explanation  you can see the video explanation of Bit Torrent

Download Torrent

Step by step in downloading using torrent:

1. Download Bit Torrent Client for example Utorrent.
2. Run Torrent Client (eg Utorrent)
3. Search torrent in torrent search engine such as isohunt or pirate bay
4. Start download by double click the torrent file

Users need to create torrent file for his bit torrent client Torrent file is description of the file we want to distribute. Torrent file is published in bittorent search-engine to be able to be downloaded by other user. Isohunt is one example of torrent search-engine.


If You want to create the torrent file you can use your torrent client program, there will be option “create torrent”, which will enable you to choose any files and choose trackers (it is provided by default). if you want to know the details you can go here


Create Torrent in Utorrent
Create Torrent in Utorrent

It is important to seed the data after we leach, because it is the philosophy of sharing, we take but we also give :). Don’t just download, share it too



How to check wifi channel using PC/Computer

Checking wifi signal interference could be done in order to minimize its effect.


There are a tremendous number of 802.11 devices out there. It is true that the other 802.11 networks can cause interference with your network. This type of interference is known as co-channel and adjacent channel interference. But since other 802.11 devices follow the same protocol, they tend to work cooperatively-that is, two access points on the same channel will share the channel capacity.


To optimize your wifi operation, we can adjust the channel option in our wifi adapter.

To check the available channel used by other wifi adapter we can use inSSIDer. It will show us wifi condition near our laptop. the visualization is like this

Wifi InSSIDer
Wifi InSSIDer

It can also do :
1. Measure Wi-Fi Signal Strength
2. Inform you about wifi channel available
3. Inform you about wifi security used by wifi adapters around you

You can download it FreeLy Here

How to search google image by size : google advance image search

The new layout of google search result makes us not able to filter the image directly. While in past layout we can choose and filter image by size, now we couldn’t find any option to filter the image. If you want to filter the image based on some criteria, you can do this by accessing

it will give you form to filter and find image more relevanty.

google advance image search
google advance image search

How To Sort Email With Attachment in Gmail

This question came up when i want to search for older email with attachment in Gmail. I just don’t know where is the toolbar location/icon location to sort email based on attachment in gmail.

In yahoo mail we can find sorting option, which can sort email based on some options such as by data and attachment.

sorting attachment in yahoo
sorting attachment in yahoo

In yahoo this feature is provided and help us to find email more easily. Gmail doesn’t provide this feature, but google provide you search box when you can enter search command. Search command that you must enter to filter email with attachment is

filename:(pdf OR mpg OR mpeg OR avi OR wmv OR rar OR zip OR bmp OR mp3 OR wma OR mov)

for example if you want to search for pdf attachment in your email you can just type in the search box


filter email with attachment in gmail
filter email with attachment in gmail

now you will see the list of email with pdf files attachment 🙂

how to see google chrome cookies

Cookie is small piece of data added by website to client browser. When user, using the browser want to browse the same website, this website can load stored information from the cookie. This information such as user past activity in that website, any page that has been accessed, user login information, etc.

See google chrome cookie can be done using some ways :
1. Viewing using chrome browser menu

1. Using option icon in chrome (upper-right corner), choose setting

Chrome Setting
Chrome Setting

2. Show advanced setting in chrome (u can find the link by navigating to the bottom of the page)

Show advanced setting in chrome
Show advanced setting in chrome

3. Choose “content setting” in Privacy section

content setting in google chrome
content setting in google chrome

4. In Cookies part, choose “all cookies and site data”

alt cookies and site data in chrome
alt cookies and site data in chrome

5. New window will appear listing all cookies stored in chrome, you can choose to delete it by selecting the cookies and choose remove. However your action is very limited because you can only view and remove the cookie

Cookies and site data in chrome
Cookies and site data in chrome

2. viewing using extension

you can also see google chrome cookie using extension such as Edit This Cookie. It has some feature such as :

  • delete cookies
  • add cookies
  • edit cookies
  • search cookies
  • block cookies
  • protect cookies
  • export and import cookies in JSON
  • limit expiration date of any cookies

However this browser extension has option to add ads or behave like an adware. It is said that it is used to support the extension and unicef but, if found out it is not needed you can just opt-out it in extension setting.

you can download the extension here


Converting Video Files to MP3

Converting video files to mp3 is needed if you want to extract sound from video file. This application i used to extract capture sound from mp4 video files and convert it to mp3 files.

THis can be done easily using Free Video to Mp3 Converter “FreeStudio”. I ve been using this software for converting my video files to mp3

this free video to audio converter also has some output options in different mp3 quality

Free Video to Audio Converter
Free Video to Audio Converter

from the explanation in its website this software can perform many actions such as :

– convert video and audio files between different formats as well as iPod, PSP, iPhone, BlackBerry and all other popular mobile phones and devices;
– burn and rip DVDs and audio CDs;
– upload and download YouTube videos and music to your computer, iPod, PSP, iPhone or BlackBerry;
– perform basic editing of audio and video files;
– record videos and make snapshots;
– create 3D videos and images.

It is really complete software package and its nice to use it because it is free,
Download it Here 🙂

How To Edit hosts file in Windows

Editing hosts file in windows

Host file in windows is used to map ip address into the its name. By using hosts file we can refers any particular IP address by using the name we specified.

the hosts file contains lines of ip address and its name for example localhost

so every time we use ‘localhost’ in any networking activities in our laptop, this will be translated into, which is our loopback ip address, ip address belongs to our own laptop/pc/device.

How to edit hosts file
editing host file in windows is as simple as adding new lines containing ip address, space, and name we want to refer.

for example i want to add ip address which i want it be referred by college.
just add it below the existing line localhost collage office

the steps :

1. the hosts file is located in C:/Windows/System32/Drivers/etc/
it is file with no extension

2. To open this file, you will need administrator privilege, so you need to open it using any word processor that has administrator privilege confirmed.
for example we can use notepad, but when we want to run notepad,
first, do the right click on notepad icon, then choose ‘run as administrator’, choose yes when dialogue appear

3. in menubar choose File > Open, look for C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
if you don’t see any file, make sure you choose *All File in file type option

How to edit hosts file in Windows 7
How to edit hosts file in Windows 7

4. You will find the hosts file, choose it, and open. Add the ip address and name you want and save those notepad using Ctrl+S.

Blocking web address using host file

Other simple use of Hosts file in windows and other operating system is to block web address. This can be done by pointing any web address which is inn their domain name, to our local ip address. for example, we want to block and Then just add in our hosts file

it will point to, our own ip address. so it will not reach the real and display nothing in the web browser

How to Enable Copy Paste in Windows Command Prompt

have you experienced a moment when you use command prompt and it feels not comfortable? if yes, then the answer is maybe because by default we can not do copy paste in windows command prompt. To enable Copy and Paste function in CMD, we just need 3 step.

1. Open/Run CMD
2. Right Click in Windows Border, choose properties

Enable copy paste in Windows Command Prompt
Enable copy paste in Windows Command Prompt

3. In new properties window, check the “Quick Edit Mode” and click OK
Enable copy paste in windows cmd
Enable copy paste in windows cmd

Now you can easily copy paste any text in Command Prompt using right click.

simply do the right click will paste any previous text stored in clipboard.
while pointing any text by blocking any text will copy the text in cmd to clipboard.

How to see your windows product key or seriall number

How to see your windows product key?. How to see your windows 7 serial number? Windows product code once installed, this information will be saved by windows in registry, there is no common utilities provided by windows to look or to view this product key or serial number. However if you want to see this windows product key or you want to see your windows serial number. there are many free programs available to download.

one of those program is belarc advisor.
Using this belarc advisor you can get more information that you need. Belarc Advisor will not only provide you your windows (windows 7, vista, xp) product key/serial number. It will also give you any product key from application program that you have installed into your PC.

It gives you more for less expectation, in fact, it will display our computer profile summary, haha its scary actually because it can reveal our sensitive data such as our windows security update status, any used application in some past days, and any media storage that we had plugged in into our computer

This is How Belarc Advisor shows me my windows 7 product key

How to see your windows 7 product key
How to see your windows product key

It may take several minutes for belarc advisor to get all of this data, but it is very informative and very easy to use :).

If you want to see your windows 7 product code / serial code, just Download it here