Status up but protocol down cisco router

it happened this morning when i check vrf
Status up but protocol down cisco router

some situs explaine that its because the connection between interface and the other end failed to negotiate, to solve this, we need to make sure the setting between our interface and the other end configured rightly. “This could be caused by a unidirectional link of some type, a hardware/software failure on the switch, or the other side could be err-disabled or shutdown on the other side. This could also be a problem if different protocols are used for trunking(ISL vs dot1q).

host#sh ipv4 vrf all interface brief
Tue Feb 11 09:19:54.620 GMT

Interface IP-Address Status Protocol Vrf-Name

host#sh ipv4 vrf all interface brief | in 0/0/0/0.3550
Tue Feb 11 09:34:08.637 GMT
GigabitEthernet0/0/0/0.3550 Up Down Mpls_A

but after i check it seems that there was no problem with the configuration because other interface showed up up status.

after showing list of all interface with the same vrf name i figured out that there are 2 interface within same vrf that had same ip address..

GigabitEthernet0/0/0/0.3544 Up Up Mpls_A
GigabitEthernet0/0/0/0.3550 Up Down Mpls_A

so the problem is because we assigned same IP address to different interface within same vrf :).

How to change default fn button function

change fn button function
change fn button function hp

i have this HP laptop that gave me different fn utility. before this hp laptop i have asus laptop. this hp laptop had default fn function that is assigned to media player function, display function, volume control, wifi control and lcd screen option. so for example, the default button will give me volume up if i press f11, increase brightness if i press f3 and stop/play media player function if i press f6, f7, f8. i prefer to use this spacial function if i press it together with fn button, not when i press this f1-f12 button alone.

actually we can solve it with 2 solution:
first one. we can enter the bios menu and get adjust the setting in bios menu 🙂
second one. we can use software or application to assign and re arrange how our keyboard works.

one of the software that can do this is sharpkeys 😀
its simple and it meets the requirement (function) i need

okay that is How to change default fn button function

please download here
or here

Warning 1 There was a mismatch between the processor architecture of the project being built “MSIL” and the processor architecture of the reference

Warning 1 There was a mismatch between the processor architecture of the project being built “MSIL” and the processor architecture of the reference

this is my warning message when i try to run my program

Warning 1 There was a mismatch between the processor architecture of the project being built “MSIL” and the processor architecture of the reference “Oracle.DataAccess, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=89b483f429c47342, processorArchitecture=AMD64”, “AMD64”. This mismatch may cause runtime failures. Please consider changing the targeted processor architecture of your project through the Configuration Manager so as to align the processor architectures between your project and references, or take a dependency on references with a processor architecture that matches the targeted processor architecture of your project. ConsoleApplication2

as this warning said. we need to avoid this miss match configuration. so simply adjusting the build configuration may solve this warning problem

visual studio properties

visual studio properties2

User Profile Service service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded

the user profile service service failed the logon
User Profile Service service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded

how to solve problem the user profile service service failed the logon

i just met this problem tomorrow, when i try to login into my windows 7 ultimate edition.
i find this solution in internet

1. Use other profil with administrator privilege to login (if you dont have one then you should
look at this post
2. Open regedit

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList

a) That the key name doesn’t end in “.bak” (remove .bak if there)
b) That the RefCount value is 0 (change it if different)
c) That the State value is 0 (change if different)

User Profile Service service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded
User Profile Service service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded

for my problem the solution is the a)
i found out that my profile is ended with .bak, like in the picture above
after i rename this by removing the “.bak” i can login with my account that is failed the logon before

3. log off and try to log in with your own user account

hope it can help you.

credits :

How to get admin privilege in Windows

How to get admin privilege in windows? how to create admin account in windows? how to clear and reset windows user and password?

i have been trouble with this issue since i dont have any account with admin privileged in my newly given laptop. the result of not having this administrator privilege is that i couldn’t install any software i want. i couldn’t event change the desktop background. demm…

up until that time i don’t know that there is a way to get admin privilege, create admin account, or clear and reset windows user and password. (or i know but wont bother think about it because i didnt have any issue with my own laptop).
so the solution was to install my own windows os as second boot/first boot. this method will leave the laptop with 2 windows operating system and separate folders, because i choose to install my own windows 7 in different partition (you should to this too if you want to install second, or third operating system. Partitioning harddisk is easy task to easily managed different OS)

but after browsing/searching for a while i get even brighter solution!. Hiren Boot :)…. this Hiren is crazy software. these are steps you need to get admin privilege in Windows

1. Just download and copy hiren boot to CD or create flash usb bootable and make your laptop to first boot CD or flash usb disk.
2. you will then will boot to hiren CD. press enter to continue boot.
3. Hiren software will display list of programs that can be use to tweak your laptop. Choose offline password changer for windows. or something that sound/look like that. (containing words ‘OFFline’ or ‘Password Changer’). press the number of that list (example : 4. Offline password changer for windows). Press 4
4. Follow the instruction. the simple step would be edit user privilege.
5. Choose edit user account/user privilege.
6. Choose user to edit and do the editing, make that user as an administrator.
7. Save.
8. reboot.

The next time you boot your account that has been granted admin privilege will be displayed as administrator account in control panel.

download the hiren boot here

Now, you get the answer of these questions :).
How to get admin privilege in windows? how to create admin account in windows? how to clear and reset windows user and password?

BBM for Android Free Download : Plus Minus of BBM for Android Aplication

It is confirmed and tested that BBM for android is working for any android ics 4.0 or later ‘phone’ version and iphone. I had confirmed it by my huawei y 300 phone, it works smoothly and pretty fast compared to Line. However BBM which is known for its robustness still lack of feature.. unlike whatsup which offers to send media form, image, sound, and video, BBM only offers the user to send Picture and record of sound. But its speed and its message status (Delivered-Read notification) is good enough if you consider, minimal usage of multimedia during your communication. User interface is pretty good, but the font and send-option message bar is to big and little bit disturbing for 4 inch phone.

if you want to experience it you can download it here
download free BBM for Android
this is the right link of BBM application on playstore among other BBM-like applications in playstore.

If you come to playstore and search it, just type “BBM for Android”.. This morning, it is located on the second list, with title BBM and small description “BlackBerry Limited”. just make sure you download the right one 🙂

Currently Tablet is not Supported
If you want to download BBM for your tablet, but you can’t install it, there is no wrong with your device. From article , i find out that this new release version has not yet support the Tablet version of any android. so just be patient if you still want to download BBM for your tablet, it may come real soon :D.

here i will resume the plus minus off bbm compared to some other chat application
plus :
– Fast & Smooth (compared to Line)
– Add privacy because you use BBM ID instead of you own phone number.
– Has Delivered and Read notification. It will help you to assure the status of your message (whatsup doesnt have this)
– Good User Interface. The display of Android for BBM is better than the original BBM in Blackberry

minus :
– Minimal Multimedia Feature. You can only send your picture and recorded sound (compared to whatsup and Line)
– Harder to invite or to add friend because you should know the BBM ID (compared to whastup)
– Knowing BBM ID doesnt mean you can call the user. BBM ID is separated information to phone number, you still need to share or know phone number manually to be able to call other user.
– Little bit disturbing display of send message option. The display is too big for 4 inch screen

Nah, I think thats all,
again you can download BBM For Android Here

Mikro Ekonomi – Introduction to microeconomics

Mikro Ekonomi merupakan ilmu dimana kita mempelajari perilaku individu atau firm (perusahaan) saat dihadapkan terhadap scarcity atau kelangkaan. Mikro ekonomi mempelajari bagaimana perilaku tsb dapat mempengaruhi supply dan demand terhadap barang/jasa, yang kemudian menentukan harga barang/jasa. dan bagaimana kemudian harga tersebut menentukan jumlah supply ataupun demand dari barang dan jasa tsb. @.@

Mikroekonomi mempelajari bagaimana model dari perilaku konsumen dan produsen terhadap kelangkaan. Model dalam mikroekonomi berbasiskan pada asumsi dan simplifikasi. konsumen memiliki budget constrain, konsumen ingin memiliki maximization dari budget yang ada. produsen akan memaksimalkan profit, memperoleh sebanyak mungkin profit. dari asumsi tersebut dapat menjawab 3 pertanyaan dasar dalam mikro ekonomi, :
1. Barang/Jasa apa yang sebaiknya di produksi?
2. Bagaimana memproduksi barang/jasa tersebut.
3. Siapa yang Mendapatkan Barang dan Jasa Tersebut.

Semua pertanyaan tersebut dijawab oleh 1 varible yaitu prices atau harga. Konsumer dan produsen akan berinteraksi pada pasar, (market place), dari pasar tersebut muncul set harga (prices) yang memungkinkan firm dan konsumen melakukan pilihan yg relevan.

contoh, produksi IPOD:
dari sisi perusahaan apakah konsumen mau mengeluarkan uang untuk ipod?, perusahaan akan mencari tanda-tanda dari konsumen bahwa mereka mau membeli ipod, berapa banyak yang akan dikeluarkan untuk membuat ipod?, siapa yang mau membeli ipod dengan harga tertentu tersebut.

harga akan menentukan apa yang diproduksi, bagaimana diproduksi, dan siapa yang mendapatkan produksi tersebut.

*harga merubah metode penjualan,

Teoritikal vs Impirical Economics,
Teorical economics : merupakan proses membangun model
Impirical economics : merupakan proses test dari model tersebut

Positive vs normatif
Positive : the way things are
Normativ : the way things should be

Ebay : perfectly competitive market, produser pada market menarwarkan barang kepada konsumer yang sangat banyak, konsumen dengan harga terbesarlah yang mendapatkan barang. Pada suatu saat seseorang ingin menjual ginjal di kidney, 25000 dolar harga awal 5 million dolar hingga ebay menutup lelang tersebut.

Positive question?

Mengapa harga ginjal menjadi sangat tinggi?, semakin banyak demand, semakin tinggi harga.

water diamon paradox? : air lebih dibutuhkan sedangkan diamond tidak, benar air emang dibutuhkan tapi jumlah supplynya jauh lebih banyak dari pada supply, sedangkan diamond tidak.

pada kasus penjualan ginjal, demand akan sangat tinggi, sedangkan supply akan sangat kecil, supply <<<< demand = harga melonjak sangat tinggi. Normative question? Bolehkan orang menjual ginjalnya di ebay?, beberapa orang meninggal tanpa dapat transplantasi, orang yang sangat kaya bisa mendapatkan ginjal untuk meneruskan hidup. Kenapa kita harus peduli terhadap keadaan tersebut? 1. karena kita berpikir bahwa ginjal seharusnya dialokasikan untuk siapa yang paling membutuhkan, bukan siapa yang paling kaya. 2. karena uang dapat mengakibatkan orang untuk mengambil behavior yang terlalu beresiko, orang sebaiknya tidak memutuskan ketika uang terlibat. 3. society merasa tidak fair bahwa orang kaya dapat resource sedangkan yng miskin tidak, (disebut konsep equity) contoh Mikroekonomi digunakan ketika kita membuat pilihan-pilihan sederhana : misal membeli buku pelajaran apakah membeli edisi lama yang lebih murah, atau membeli edisi baru yang lebih mahal: 1. Preferences matter (need) 2. Constrain (how much money you have), Much money = more willing, Less money = less willing to buy. langkah yang kemudian dilakukan adalah take preference + constrain to the market/pasar untuk memutuskan buku mana yang dibeli (constrain optimization).

How find out unidentified device in windows

So it happened yesterday, when i buy new laptop HP Probook 4441s, Unfortunately the online store where i bought this laptop didn’t put in driver software. i had a hard time finding out what software to install to enable my wireless card.

I tried with my laptop hardware specification, but since its sold in some model, i couldnt get any accurate information about the wireless card. actually HP has stored many driver software but, trying it one by one would just waste my time. I better find out it make and model of any hardware in my laptop, then begin searching the right package of driver software to install.

not like ubuntu, i couldnt find any simple step to find out the make and model of unknown device. so i came to google with keyword
how to find wireless card in windows
how to find wireless card chipset in windows
how to see wireless card information in windows,
untill i find really good sites which offers me simple solution with software
the software named unknown device identifier worked really well, in just one click, you can get a resume for any of your hardware attached in your windows laptop

you can go to the page below and download from the source, hope it can help you solve your problem

  • Rooting Huawei Ascend Y300

    For Indonesia user with B186 firmware, i dont recommend to root your huawei ascend y300 with non-official ways, because it can make your screen broken, your screen will display unstable light when you boot, you lock, you unlock, and when it is in standby position. I got my upper right corner blinking unstably, it is annoying and frustating, because fabric reset and usual reset didnt fix this problem.

    huawei ascend y300

    I had to restore it to factory firmware, but because i couldnt find any B186 firmware, i had to restore it to B175 (for middle east) but at least it worked. I lost my notification panel though because i havent done any back up before. I recommend you to use official ways, by requesting huawei unlock code in huawei website.

    the step by step guide for unlocking and rooting huawei ascend y300 is described here,

    i have tried it and did it successfully :), thanks to

    this b175 version comes up with simple UI and less ram usage though, so you will get more free ram than in b186 version. As for the missing notification panel, you can use free application in google play such as :toucher, dll 🙂

    24/7 and Media Integration Marketing Concept

    Everyone can do marketing. on one of an occasion i have been invited by my friend to join marketing seminar from one of marketing magazine in jakarta. The seminar talks about the power of 24/7 and media integration in marketing. by using all media available now we can increase the marketing prospect.

    There were two examples/study cases how we can do this concept,

    the first example comes from soyjoy which used only 5 blogger to talk about this product and it succesfully made almost all singapore citizen aware of it. following soyjoy success story, the management use media integration concept on pocari sweat case. pocari sweat claimed it first ever declining profit in 2010. it forced the management to act with new marketing ideas. the head marketing responded really well, resulting marketing ideas with full media integration. they use blogger, celebrity, and game to introduce the product to the customer. this marketing concept results in its increasing profit in the following year.

    the second example comes from this online site sells fashion products below 100.000 rupiahs. the owner of this site using media integration. She create facebook game, named miss & match game, where we can choose & combine shirts, trousers, and other wearable fashion, any combinations of those fashion components is given a score. it proves to entertain a lot of women facebook users, she claimed more than 5000 users use this application in its early launch.

    So how did she integrate the game into the marketing?

    She not only put the game to announce its brand, further she made any fashion product in this game available offline, to be purchased by the customer. After finish the game, user will be able to see the product and to buy the product.

    Have you practice this concept :)?