KODI XBMC installation on raspbian raspberry pi

Kodi / XBMC enable raspbian raspberry pi to act as module to convert dumb tv to smart tv :). ill also add how to connect xbmc via android phone.

What you need:

1. raspberry pi
2. internet connection
3. mouse
4. wifi module (for remote application on adroid phone)
5. hdmi cable

Raspberry pi 2 kodi hdmi connection
Raspberry pi 2 kodi hdmi connection

Step by step.

A. Install kodi/xmbc

1. sudo apt-get update
2. apt-get install kodi

B. enable kodi on startup

1. sudo nano /etc/default/kodi
2. change ENABLED=0 to ENABLED=1

C. enable kodi keyboard & mouse input

1. sudo nano /etc/udev/rules.d/10-permissions.rules
2. add these lines
# input
KERNEL==”mouse*|mice|event*”,   MODE=”0660″, GROUP=”input”
KERNEL==”ts[0-9]*|uinput”,      MODE=”0660″, GROUP=”input”
KERNEL==”js[0-9]*”,             MODE=”0660″, GROUP=”input”

# tty
KERNEL==”tty[0-9]*”,            MODE=”0666″

# vchiq
SUBSYSTEM==”vchiq”,  GROUP=”video”, MODE=”0660″
3. Save file

4. Add user kodi to input group
sudo usermod -a -G input kodi

5. reboot
sudo reboot

on this point when you plug hdmi, xbmc/kodi display will appear on your monitor screen.
you can control xbmc input via your mouse :D.

kodi add-on 9gag tv
kodi add-on 9gag tv

Now if you want to connect raspberry pi xbmc / kodi via android phone, follow instructions below

D. Connect raspberry pi kodi/xbmc via android phone
1. on kodi/xbmc display, choose setting > webserver
2. click enable webserver option, edit webserver port with any number you like.
The default value is 8080 but u can change it if you also have other webserver application installed on your raspberry pi such as apache
3. edit username and password, default value is username:kodi, password:kodi
4. install xbmc remote application on your android phone.
5. connect your android phone & rasberry pi to your home network. (hotspot), input your raspberry ip address, and username, password for kodi on xbmc remote application
6. Viola, now you can control raspberry pi kodi/xbmc via your android phone.

Raspberry pi how to connect raspberry to android phone

After you are able to install and connect you raspberry pi via laptop and lan.
maybe its necesarry for you to connect your rasberry pi via android phone.

here is how

What you need.

1. wifi module
2. access to rasberry pi (via putty or direct).
3. android phone with SSH Client application installed
here is to download SSH Client application https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.anstudios.ssh&hl=en

Step by step

1. plug in wifi module to raspberry pi
2. turn on raspberry pi. enter ifconfig command, wlan0 should come up in list, but not connected to any address
pi@raspberrypi ~ $ ifconfig
wlan0     Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr
RX packets:0 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:0
TX packets:0 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:0
collisions:0 txqueuelen:1000
RX bytes:0 (0.0 B)  TX bytes:0 (0.0 B)

4. turn on wifi hotspot/tethering on your android phone
5. enter command sudo iwlist wlan0 scan | grep ESSID

pi@raspberrypi ~ $ sudo iwlist wlan0 scan | grep ESSID
ESSID:”HP-Print-41-Officejet Pro 8600″

6. edit wpa_supplicant.conf
sudo nano /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf
add this line

ssid=”your essid name/copy paste from earlier scan result”
psk=”you hotspot password”

for example with my handphone


7. save file, and reboot raspberry pi.
8. after reboot you’ll see that now your raspberry wlan module is connected to you hotspot. enter command sudo ifconfig wlan0 to see its ip address.
9. open SSH client on your android phone and enter raspberry pi address,
10. Now you can access your raspberry via your android phone. :D.

raspberry SSH from android phone
raspberry SSH from android phone

to restart raspberry networking you can enter this command instead rebooting raspberry
sudo /etc/init.d/networking stop
sudo /etc/init.d/networking start

Raspberry pi 2 installation without keyboard & monitor

I assume you already download raspbian and write image file to Micro SD.
the next step is then turning on the power and see if we can access raspberry pi via laptop.

what you need

1. 2 lan cable that is connected to router. (any lan cable that on the network that offer dhcp). 1 cable for your laptop, 1 cable is for raspberry pi.
2. nmap installed on windows.
3. windows powershell

Step by step

1. power on your raspberry pi, dont plug lan cable first.
2. on your laptop which is connected to lan cable, open powershell
windows logo –> type powershell.
3. type ipconfig command to determine your ip address & netwrok
for example

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix  . :
Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : x.x.x.x
IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :

4. do nmap scan (ping scan) to record all up connection, and put it on file
nmap -v -sn “your network” | findstr “your network part only ip” | findstr /v down > first.txt
for example
nmap -v -sn | findstr “10.2.133.” | findstr /v down > first.txt

this will output any up ip address in your network before you connect you raspberry pi to your network

5. plug in lan cable to your raspberry pi, wait for a while to make sure raspberry pi got dhcp ip address. then enter this command on power shell
nmap -v -sn | findstr “192.168.1” | findstr /v down > second.txt
this will output any up ip address in your network including your raspberry pi connection.

6. compare two files to see which one is you raspberry pi address
compare those two files using this command on powershell
compare (Get-Content .\first.txt) (Get-Content .\second.txt)

example result :

InputObject                                                 SideIndicator
———–                                                 ————-
Nmap scan report for                          =>
Nmap scan report for                           =>
Nmap scan report for                           <=

7. open putty, and try to ssh each IP address listed in result. one of those ip address list is your raspberry pi ip address. input username: pi and password: raspberry to login via putty to you raspberry pi

login raspberry pi via putty
login raspberry pi via putty

8. delete unnecessary files. on powershell enter this command:
del first.txt second.txt

Raspberry pi Recover micro SD space

After installing raspberry pi on my microSD card, i found that my micro SD is not fast enough. if you want to do the test you can go here.

I had to replace my micro SD with another micro SD with bigger capaticy and faster write/read speed. however when i try to re format my micro SD (use it in my android phone). it is displayed that my micro SD size is only 56 Mb, while its capacity is actually 16GB. Where the rest of capacity?

in windows there is disk management tools to manage our partition
(windows logo -> type disk management
or Control Panel\System and Security\Administrative Tools select computer management menu storage click disk management.)

there, my Micro SD (displayed as disk 1) is separated into 2 partition :

56 Mb of FAT partition
14 Gb of unallocated partition

I found out that there is no option to recover unallocated partition via this disk management tool (or is it?).

so i google and got this one http://geekswithblogs.net/ilich/archive/2013/04/26/recovering-unallocated-space-of-a-usb-flash-drive.aspx

We can use diskpart command via windows cmd.

1.run cmd –> type diskpart –> enter, new diskpart window will appear.
2. on diskpart run this command, be carefull, replace “disk 1” with disk name that match your micro SD card.

DISKPART> select disk 1

Disk 1 is now the selected disk.


DiskPart succeeded in cleaning the disk.

DISKPART> create partition primary

DiskPart succeeded in creating the specified partition.


3. after exit, if you open file explorer now micro SD size will display its actual size, right click and format with file format you want to use. mine is FAT32.




How to Easily Remove Unneccessary files on Android

I first noticed when my samsung galaxy tab S 8.4 s warned me about storage full. after i  manually did some house keeping (i removed big files such as : video, mp3, and large document), there’s still (unvisible) large file size in my internal storage. i remember there is ccleaner program in windows that works well for removing unnecessary file.

after i search on playstore i found this android ccleaner.  just few clicks and found cache files with over 1 GB size in my tablet. it is very easy, fast, and effective for remove unnecessary files  on android.

As mentioned on it site, beside its main function (for me) to remove unnecessary files, it can also be use to monitor our android system, install/uninstall program, removes sms one – by – one or in bulk and. Its free and adsfree too!.

here are the links :), enjoy



Android Lollipop Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4

Yesterday, 30 May 2015 i got android lollipop update on my samsung galaxy tab s 8.4. When i check software update menu, pop up came out, offering me about the update that will need ~1Gb file in size. After the update there were a changes in menu bar and menu-setting display. menu bar becomes smaller while the setting menu changes its background to white.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 Lollipop - web
Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 Lollipop – web
Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 Lollipop - web
Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 Lollipop – web

SQL exception The last packet successfully received from the server was

i’ve been seeing this SQL exception lately

SQL exception The last packet successfully received from the server was 37,662,089 milliseconds ago. The last packet sent successfully to the server was 37,662,143 milliseconds ago. is longer than the server configured value of ‘wait_timeout’.

on some applications, everytime this exception occured the process is stopped and the transaction is failed.
asking some of my friend who have faced this kind of error before, they recommended to update connector library, they told me that their problem were gone after they did it. but unfortunately it didn’t work for me. so i had to do some googling, and found this one

Solving a “communications link failure” with JDBC and MySQL

in the post itself the writer wrote that there are some solutions that may work, while other may not work for the same SQL Exception message.

for me so far the solution is to use these property

  • validationQuery property
  • AutoReconnect

add this line to our dcbj configuration in context.xml
validationQuery=”SELECT 1″ testOnBorrow=”true”

and modify url by adding “autoReconnect=true”



Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 Firmware Update Now LTE Enabled

Samsung has updated firmware for Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 LTE on January 2015. This update which is automatically updated by the system has around 150 Mb in size. At fisrt i thought it was lollypop update, but after installation completed and reboot i didnt see any changes in UI. so i was expecting other kind of update, and violaa, after i checked my data connection, new menu appear. this menu now enable us to choose LTE data connection :).

Samsung LTE menu
Samsung LTE menu

With this update now we can use LTE data connection (if it is available) on our Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4. To update this firmware just do check system/software update from setting > general > about device > software update, choose update now or check automatic update if you want this system to do the updat automatically whenever the update is available. Thats it, enjoy your Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 with faster (LTE) data connection :D.

Pemandian Air Panas Ciater, Sari ater dan Gunung Tangkuban Perahu

Ciater, terletak di daerah subang, jawa barat. Tempat ini terkenal dengan pemandian air panasnya. Salah satu tempat penyedia pemandian air panas ini adalah sariater. Sariater merupakan semacam hotel/resort yang memiliki pemandian air panas yang terbuka untuk umum.

Sari ater dapat dijangkau dengan kendaraan pribadi/mobil dalam waktu +- 1 s.d 2 jam dari pusat kota Bandung. Waktu perjalanan total dari jakarta untuk mencapai tempat ini pada Jumat malam adalah +- 5 jam. Waktu ini ditempuh dengan menggunakan mobil dengan traffic yang lumayan lancar (berangkat dari jakarta pukul 22.00 WIB sampai ciater pukul 03.00 WIB).

Peta ciater, sari ater
Peta ciater, sari ater
pintu masuk ke area pemandian sari ater
pintu masuk ke area pemandian sari ater

Tarif masuk ke pemandian air panas ini untuk weekend (awal tahun 2015) adalah seharga 65rb per orang. Tiket untuk akses masuk adalah berupa kartu, mirip seperti kartu untuk masuk ke busway. Tiket ini digunakan 2 kali, pertama untuk masuk area wisata, yang kedua unutk masuk ke pemandiannya. masuk melalui portal pertama, terlihat beberapa outlet yang menjual souvenir dan makanan ringan/minuman. untuk masuk ke dalam pemandian tiket masuk akan digunakan untuk melewati portal sekali lagi (kedua).

berpose di depan pintu masuk area pemandian
berpose di depan pintu masuk area pemandian

Di sini kita disajikan 2 buah kolam berukuran sedang, mungkin sekitar 50 x 30-an meter. @ buah kolam tersebut berjajar memanjang, di sekeliling kolam terdapat kanopi dan kursi tempat kita dapat meletakkan barang-barang bawaan dan mengorder minuman/makanan. Di masing-masing kolam terdapat label suhu kolam. Suhu kolam yang pertama adalah 39-42 derajat C, menurut tulisannya. Sedangkan kolam kedua sedikit lebih dingin, sayangnya saat itu kolam kedua tengah dibersihkan, sehingga kami tidak dapat menikmati kolam kedua. Di sebelah kolam pertama, terdapat kolam kecil untuk tempat mandi anak-anak. Sedangkan disebelah kolam ke dua terdapat tempat bilas dan ruang ganti + toilet.

layout kolam 1 dan kolam 2 sari ater
layout kolam 1 dan kolam 2 sari ater

Suhu udara pada pukul 3 malam dini hari di ciater sangat dingin, itulah kenapa sensasi kolam air hangat ini begitu relaxing. Pada saat pertama mencelupkan kaki, suhu air kolam terasa sangat panas, namun lama kelamaan sepertinya tubuh kita menyesuaikan diri, sehingga menjadi berasa hangat. Step berikutnya adalah merendamkan tubuh ke dalam kolam. Untuk berendam ke dalam kolam yang lumayan panas ini tipsnya adalah memasukkan tubuh dengan cepat, dan make them stay underwater for a while. this way our body will adapt dengan suhu kolam dengan lebih cepat juga. Efeknya, rasa panasnya ‘di awal’nya jadi berkurang. Try this ya :D.

Karena suhunya yang panas sebenarnya stay terlalu lama di kolam juga bukan hal yang nyaman loh. Salah satu teman justru mengeluhkan merasa capek, sepertinya cara menikmati kolam ini dengan tepat adalah dengan nyemplung-keluar nyemplung-keluar, dengan merendam kaki dan cipratin air ke tubuh, atau dengan tiduran di tepi kolam dengan alas air hangat yang mengalir ke sisi kolam. Cara yang terakhir (tiduran) terbukti paling relaxing diantara cara yang lain. Beruntung, timing kedatangan yang pas membuat tiduran di tepi kolam menjadi feasible. (Saat kami masuk kolam adalah saat jam yang tidak terlalu ramai pengunjung, akibatnya terasa lebih private dan ga malu kalau ngapa-ngapain, termasuk nyemplung pakai go-pro ditengah kolam.) Saking relaxingnya salah satu teman benar-benar tertidur pulas di TKP.

Waktu 1-1.30 jam kami habiskan di kolam tersebut, untuk beranjak dari tempat tersebut terasa begitu susah. Kombinasi air hangat dari dalam kolam dan suhu dingin subuh di daerah tersebut membuat kita berhenti diam diantara keduanya, susah bergerak. namun dengan kondisi tangan dan kaki yang sudah keriput-keriput dan panggilan subuh kamipun bergegas menuju tempat bilas.

di tempat bilas samping kolam terdapat 3 buah pancuran, 1 pancuran air hangat dan 2 pancuran air dingin, yang dinginnya kelewatan. Karena tidak kuat dingin salah satu teman hanya menggunakan pancuran air hangat, usut punya usut, air hangat itu tidak lain tidak bukan adalah air yang sama dengan air kolam (kemungkinan), jadi sama aja tidak bilas, kalau tujuan bilasnya adalah membersihkan diri dari sensasi air hangat kolam. Pakailah air yang dingin, yang walaupun dingin tapi akan menghangatkan 🙂 #sotoy, karena kata teman bisa rematik kalau pakai air dingin, jadi saya usap-usap saja sedikit http://doktersehat.com/mandi-malam-picu-rematik-benarkah/. Sensasi relax dan segar menjadi satu, sebenarnya yang kami butuhkan setelah mandi sudah jelas, tidur!, namun paket perjalanan singkat ini harus di teruskan, kamipun bersiap ke destinasi selanjutnya.

Selesai berberes dan subuh, kami meluncur ke destinasi berikutnya, yaitu sunrise tangkuban perahu. terletak dekat dengan pemandian, dalamm hitungan menit kami sampai ke pintu gerbang tangkuban perahu. sekitar pukul 05.00 pagi hari, ternyata sekarang pintu gerbang tangkuban perahu ada portalnya. portal besi menutup jalan, lengkap dengan gembok dan rantai besar. kamipun mundur, berhenti di warung yang terletak sedikit kebawah dari portal. berteman dengan udara dingin, indomi dan teh anget menjadi sangat enak. setelah tanya-tanya ke warung barulah kami tahu kalau pintu gerbang tangkuban perahu dibuka pada pukul 07.00, berarti kami tidak akan mendapatkan sunrise tangkuban perahu. Kamipun menunggu sampai jam 07.00 untuk dapat masuk.

Saat masuk kami berenakm dikenaik tiket seharga +-200rb, jumlah yang cukup mengagetkan kami, karena kami expect lebih murah dari itu. But that’s okay, selama komersialisasi seperti ini didukung dengan daerah wisata yang termanage. Setelah itu kami masuk, diatas ternyata terdapat beberapa portal lagi yang sudah terbuka, sekitar 15 menit kemudian kami sampai ke area parkir tangkuban perahu, dan viola, semua berubah.. Sekarang pagar ditangkuban perahu di cat, ada juga tangga buatan di sisi kiri dan dekorasi alam buatan di sepanjang sisi kiri lereng kawah gunung tangkuban perahu. Bagus dan rapi memang, tapi sedikit menghilangkan suasana alam yang seharusnya ada di sini. di sisi kiri lereng tersebut pula kita menemui warung-warung kecil yang tertata rapi.

bepose di samping tangkuban perahu
bepose di samping tangkuban perahu

Bagaimanapun juga tangkuban perahu pagi tsb tetap menarik, dengan pemandangan alam dan anginnya. Ya, anginnya luar biasa dingin dan kencang. Dijamin tanpa jaket yang tebal anda akan masuk angin :D. Dari gardu pandang kita bisa melihat panorama alam disekeliling gunung tangkuban perahu. Warna hijau yang terbentang luas. Membuat ingin pulang kampung. Walaupun tanpa sunrise, pemandangan dan angin segar tangkuban dapat menjadi obat rindu suasana alam.

tangkuban perahu picture
tangkuban perahu picture

That’s it, see ya in the next trip

How to open .jar file in linux

how to open .jar file in linux.
Jar file is basically zip file, to see the content of .jar file we can use this command :
1. unzip jarfile.jar
2. jar xf jar-file
you can choose one between two options above to open .jar file in linux

source :