Online Free Storage : How to Increase dropbox space

Now, everything works in cloud or internet, from storage to software, can be represented in its non physical representation. We can access word processing software, we can access photo manipulation software through internet. Term free online storage also usually used to represent file-saving method. Now, we can have storage space in internet and can put our files there. It bring us benefit in reducing our disk storage capacity, and in bringing our files into online world, which means, wherever we are, we can access our file as long as there is internet access.

There are some online and free internet storage presented nowadays, but some major brand play significant role in this service, we can mention dropbox, 4shared, and windows live sky drive. each has its own advantages and minus. But here i will talk about dropbox, i have used it to manage some of my important file. I use it because it gives me some free spaces and auto sync folder, any time you are connected to the internet dropbox folder will sync and update its content.

Providing free spaces, dropbox aims to target user with bigger need of space they offers more than 100 GB space for registered user, while for free user, they have interesting offer too. As free user we can increase our space available by helping dropbox promoting its service. each promotion activities we do will increase our online space up to 500 Mb.

I just will share How to increase dropbox space

1. Download and use dropbox here. Free download dropbox.
2. Create dropbox account and login to your member area using your browser
3. On menu above choose get free space!!
4. You can increase space by doing these things:
-Upgrade your dropbox account
-Refer to friend to use drop box
-Connect dropbox to your facebook account
-Connect dropbox to your twitter account
-Send tweet about dropbox
-Invite friend to use drobox via email
-Follow dropbox twitter
These simple tasks are provided in the menu, so all you need is to click this option once you login your dropbox account

Thats How to increase dropbox space :).

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