IPTV Architecture

IPTV system consists of typical parts, although the name and the details per part can be different between one provider and other but usually to deliver its content IPTV system will have these :

1. SHE (Super Head End)
2. VSO (Video Serving Office)
3. CO (Central Officer) or RT (Remote Terminal) that can serve as (Local End Office)

Super Head End
Super Head End is primary source of programming for IPTV systems. it is responsible for gathering content from programming supplier, converting it into appropriate form for delivery in IPTV network, and transmit it to Video Serving Office (VSO’s).
Super Head End (SHE) performs :
1. Content Aggregation
2. Conversion
3. Transport
4. Formatting

IPTV architecture
IPTV architecture

Video Serving Office
Video Serving Office is responsible for video processing and delivery services for geographic region, such as city. It is also responsible for distributing the content from SHE into every CO/RT in the region. VSO function aslo include
1. Localization
2. Compression
3. Stream Creation
4. Storage
5. Local ads
6. Interactivity
7. STB authorization
8. Fiber delivery

Central Office/ Remote Terminal
Central Office contains telephone call switching equipment. Remote terminal which is usually located underground contain system that connect subscriber lines and digital or fiber optic links to nearest CO.
CO/RT functions also include :
1. DSLAM function
2. Multicasting Technology
3. Connectivity
4. Combining services

Customer Premises
Is the parts/equipment that located in each home for example
1. DSL Modem
2. DSL filter
3. The Home Gateway
4. The STB

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