Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) Plus and Minor Minus

Internet 10 is ie accompanion for windows 8, but it can be downloaded freely and run well in windows 7. Whats new about internet explorer is that internet explorer 10 offers new performance, much better than its predecessor, other older ie version

some site has displayed benchmark result of some most used browser such as firefox, google chrome, opera. And among these browsers internet explorer 10 has showed really good result loh 🙂

Plus :

1. Some old system/application in corporate environment is built browser based
you will meet some application and system that can only run in Internet Explorer, so using internet explorer 10 will still offers u ability to access the application while having better user experience

2. Better performance in javascript and html 5
Internet Explorer 10 has known to have better performance in javascript and html 5, its in the best 2 among other browser. Now, internet explorer upper rival is google chroome, cool isn’t it

Javascript benchmark
Javascript benchmark
V8 benchmark
V8 benchmark

you can read the review here

Minor Minus :

1. Minimized tab representation
one thing i hate from this browser is that this browser still showing multiple icon in our windows taksbar for each tab we open.
somehow this kind of representation makes me think that i had open many programs separately and drives me to think that my laptop works much harder to run each internet explorer tab
here is the picture showing how browser tabs resulted in minimized IE icons in taksbar..

Internet explorer 10
Internet explorer 10

2. right click menu
beside those disadvantages there is still right click menu option that is missing, there is no ‘show image’ or ‘open image in new tab’

internet explorer 10 right click menu
internet explorer 10 right click menu

so its harder for me to take images url source or to open images in new tab

to download the internet explorer 10 you can open here

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