How to strengthen your wordpress : plugins to secure wordpress

In previous post (My WordPress is Hacked) i have explain to you that my website have been hacked for sometime. From source in internet we can use some plugins to minimize the chance of the attack. this plugin is Better WP Security.

some plugins exist but, i just found this Better WP Security plugin.
this plugins offer you some facility such as :

1. file protection
2. edit file permission
3. hidden your login
4. enable/disable ip address
5. enable/disable limit login
6. change the prefix of your table
7. modify htaccess
8. move common directory
9. autobackup database
10. etc

other facility is written in its original website, this however, i write to support this plugins because i use it :). you can perform all of those action just by pressing your mouse in one or two click. it is easy to use, and offer you comprehensive options.

you can download and read the rest of the article here 

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