How To Sort Email With Attachment in Gmail

This question came up when i want to search for older email with attachment in Gmail. I just don’t know where is the toolbar location/icon location to sort email based on attachment in gmail.

In yahoo mail we can find sorting option, which can sort email based on some options such as by data and attachment.

sorting attachment in yahoo
sorting attachment in yahoo

In yahoo this feature is provided and help us to find email more easily. Gmail doesn’t provide this feature, but google provide you search box when you can enter search command. Search command that you must enter to filter email with attachment is

filename:(pdf OR mpg OR mpeg OR avi OR wmv OR rar OR zip OR bmp OR mp3 OR wma OR mov)

for example if you want to search for pdf attachment in your email you can just type in the search box


filter email with attachment in gmail
filter email with attachment in gmail

now you will see the list of email with pdf files attachment 🙂

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