How to set google earth proxy, google earth proxy setting

How to set google earth proxy? Setting proxy in google earth?
It is true that google earth needs internet connection to run its service. In direct internet connection there will be no problem, but for internet connection with proxy, google earth will display notification about internet connection problem. so where we can do proxy setting?

it seems that google earth read proxy setting in IE brower, so if you want your google earth to work properly, you can first make sure your proxy setting in IE works. If it is still not working maybe you should also check for other browser proxy, such as mozilla & google chrome, and make sure that those browsers can access internet.

Setting proxy in internet explorer can be done by these step :
1. in menu bar choose tools > internet options

Internet explorer proxy setting
Internet explorer proxy setting

2. in new window that appears choose menu connection and chose setup
3. write the address of your proxy and its port

internet explorer aka google earth proxy setting
internet explorer aka google earth proxy setting!topic/earth/gOwNP5j9mdk

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