How to reset nokia phone

How to reset nokia phone. Reset (old) nokia phone can be done in two ways:

1. Soft reset
Soft reset  will give you back your original setting of your phone. you will once again see its original theme, original setup, original ringing tone etc. but it will not give you back your chance to modify your phone lock codes. you can do it by pressing *#7780#. it will not delete your software installed, so you not need to worry about software or anything installed. it just will fixed your “hang” problem and help you recover original setting.

2. Hard reset
hard reset will give you hard reset. it will erase all your data installed in your phone. it will erase all data in your phone memory, so if you want to do this step you need to back up your old data first and becareful. you can perform hard reset by pressing. *#7370#.
or if it is not working you can press call button and end button together for some seconds.

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