How to protect your eyes health from Laptop Screen (exhaustion)

When we are sitting for to long time in front our laptop, or our monitor, our eyes are easily exhausted. for short term it may not be a problem for us, but for long term, it tend to reduce our eyes’ health. so we can use this software called eye pro. This software basically will inform you when to take a break from your laptop screen. this break is important for laptop users who work in front of monitor for more than 2 hours each day. This program is available for free download EyePro.

beside its basic function eye pro has there features :
· Short breaks with eye exercises every at preset time.
· Eye exercises shown by an eye pleasing Tweet bird.
· Screen blocking long breaks for every Pre time.
· Sound Notifications with male voice.
· Customizable parameters.
· Notifications announcing a long break coming.
· Automatic adaptability by activating “THM” mode.
· Multi-monitor system support.
· Eye Pleasing and Un-irritative Pop Ups.
· Displays Facts and tips related to eye during breaks.
· Health Meter which indicates the status of improvement due to regular use of EyePro.
· Adjust display settings with just 1 click of a button to avoid eye strains.
· Answer a simple questionnaire which estimates your present eye status and generates a suitable THM code.
· Automatic adjustment of program settings according to your current eye status by activating THM mode.
· A unique program that is done under guidance of eminent eye specialists.

how to protect your eyes health from laptop screen (exhaustion)
how to protect your eyes health from laptop screen (exhaustion)

To protect your eyes from laptop screen and to monitor your eyes health you can download this eye pro software for free.

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