How to preserve your laptop battery life

How to prolong or preserve your battery. Laptop battery nowadays is important factor when we choose to buy laptop or other gadget. Usually we want laptop whose battery has long life, or big capacity, so that we can operate our laptop longer. One fact that we have to know is that each battery has life cycle (discharge cycle), and after our usage extend this limit, we can’t expect our battery to work like before. each time we use our battery, its capacity will be reduced. Despite the fact that each battery has its limit, we can prevent our battery from getting damaged by our fault.

1. Use and charge battery in moderate temperature.
Hot temperature tends to reduce battery life, while cool temperature reduces battery performance.

2. Keep your battery in cool temperature.
Keeping battery in cool temperature when it is not used will preserve your battery life.

3. If you need fast charging, you can use thermal blanket to raise the temperature.
Battery can be charged faster in moderate temperature but keep it in moderate temperature, not hot.

4.  Don’t use your battery alone when your computer/laptop needs to load heavy program.
Running heavy program such as High-Dev Game or doing frequent harddisk access needs more power which can cause heat, heat can damage your battery. Use your AC adapter to avoid this.

5. Do not fully discharge your battery
Manufacturer prefer to discharge at 80%, it can increase service life of the battery.

6. Save for long time = 40%
If you plan to save your battery for long time, make sure that your battery is charged at 40%. This number comes from manufacturer, it is believed that saving at this rate will keep your battery in a good condition. Make sure to keep it in a cool place.

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  1. Wow, pretty interesting, never knew if you keep your laptop in warm conditions it can help it charge faster. Keep up the good work.

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