How to effectively use your laptop battery

How to effectively use your laptop battery?. Most battery will work as its displayed specification, for example 8 hours in standby mode in early usage, but this performance actually depends on some factors such as how many discharge cycle you had and how well you manage to use your battery. Here are some ways to use laptop battery effectively. By saying effectively means you can get your laptop to work longer with fully charged battery, or saving power consumption.

1. Turn off your background program.
Background program usually consume memory and make the work of laptop heavier.

2. Defrag your harddisk frequently. Add RAM
Fragmented disk will make CPU work harder to access file in harddisk, doing defragmentation can help to solve this problem. Adding RAM can help you save your battery power since bigger the ram the faster data can be stored and accessed by the CPU from RAM.

3. Reduce the brightness.
Unless you work in really bright environment, try to reduce your brightness.

4. Create power plan
Each battery driver has its power plan, you can choose or create power plan which lead computer action to save the battery. You can access power options in control panel and customize how your laptop work to save your battery.

5. Remove plugged in devices when it is not use.
Each device consumes power and tends to reduce your battery faster.

6. Dim the screen if it is not active, or activate screen saver mode

7. Discharge your battery (li-ion) less than full discharge, and keep it in cool place if you do not use it.

8. Reduce multitasking or heavy program
When you plan to save battery power you should reduce multitasking program, u also should not play heavy game or program.

9. Remove virus or malware
Virus and malware can harm the battery in the same way as running many background program

10. Work in clean environment with moderate temperature
Hot temperature tends to reduce battery capacity overtime. although in the other side it is said that charging battery will happen faster in hot temperature, but regular usage, which involves discharge process should not be done in high/hot temperature

Those are some ways to use your battery effectively, hope it can work well for you.

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