How to Download and Create Torrent

Bit Torrent is protocol used to distribute large file in internet, it can be music, videos, program file its familiar terms is torrent. File is broken into pieces by bittorrent. each file will be distributed via peer to peer connection, it means your computer will be connected to other computers in distributing the file, whether when you downloading the file as a leecher (torrent) or when you sharing the file as a seeder.

some terms are used in bittorrent such as :

1. Seed : File provider, computer with file to share
2. Leech : Computer/user that want to download the file
3. Trackers : Server in which information about files seeders address stored
4. Torrent file : small file that describe information about the file that is shared via bittorrent
5. Seed/leech ratio : Discribe the ratio beetween seeder(file provider) and leecher(user downloading the file), larger seeder means faster download

If you want to get ilustrated explanation  you can see the video explanation of Bit Torrent

Download Torrent

Step by step in downloading using torrent:

1. Download Bit Torrent Client for example Utorrent.
2. Run Torrent Client (eg Utorrent)
3. Search torrent in torrent search engine such as isohunt or pirate bay
4. Start download by double click the torrent file

Users need to create torrent file for his bit torrent client Torrent file is description of the file we want to distribute. Torrent file is published in bittorent search-engine to be able to be downloaded by other user. Isohunt is one example of torrent search-engine.


If You want to create the torrent file you can use your torrent client program, there will be option “create torrent”, which will enable you to choose any files and choose trackers (it is provided by default). if you want to know the details you can go here


Create Torrent in Utorrent
Create Torrent in Utorrent

It is important to seed the data after we leach, because it is the philosophy of sharing, we take but we also give :). Don’t just download, share it too



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  1. Thanks to Mr Caleu. The instruction is kinda ‘cook recept’, its clear and simpel.
    I’ve just started my first torrent.


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