How To Create Partychat in Google Talk Gtalk

I have some problem when i want to create partychat in google talk recently. It is easier before, just go to create room and invite people, then your room will appear in gtalk as people account and you can cat and do this partychat command like /invite /alias /help, dll. but now it doesn’t work like before. the invitation doesn’t show any effect when it is accepted.

After some observation my friend find issue with domain, but we still couldn’t solve it. then he came up with other solution. seeing other party chat he has that had been created in the past. all of the partychat account always ended with, so he tried to rename grup address following the format
for example i want make newgroup called TuesdayRunners.
to create partychat with that name i just need to write and add that address to gtalk, invite to chat

1. Add, choose invite to chat

Party chat in google talk
Party chat in google talk : create new grup, invite that grup

2. Search in chat list for your new grup you just create, choose chat

Party chat in google talk
Party chat in google talk : searching for newly created group

3. Start chatting and invite people,

Create Partychat in Gtalk
Create Partychat in Gtalk : entering command

to invite other people you can try to enter command /invite, if it didnt work, just send email to people you want to join to partychat group to manually add as if we add new chat contact (as usual) :). Good Luck

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