How to change windows 7 font

How to change windows 7 font. Sometime it is necessary for us to change our default windows 7 font into other font, for example lucida grande, which is font that usually used in MAC. In windows xp changing windows font can be done easily, but in windows 7 it requires us to travel a little more to change windows 7 font, after googling for a while i get the solution :).

To change windows 7 font you can follow this instruction:

1. Right click on your dekstop
2. Choose personalize
3. At the bottom of the “personalize” window choose windows colour
4. Choose advanced setting
5. On the “window colour and appearance” window select text that you want its font to change
6. in the scroll bar window below, choose font that you want

Hope it can help you to change windows 7 font into your preference 🙂

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