How to change default fn button function

change fn button function
change fn button function hp

i have this HP laptop that gave me different fn utility. before this hp laptop i have asus laptop. this hp laptop had default fn function that is assigned to media player function, display function, volume control, wifi control and lcd screen option. so for example, the default button will give me volume up if i press f11, increase brightness if i press f3 and stop/play media player function if i press f6, f7, f8. i prefer to use this spacial function if i press it together with fn button, not when i press this f1-f12 button alone.

actually we can solve it with 2 solution:
first one. we can enter the bios menu and get adjust the setting in bios menu 🙂
second one. we can use software or application to assign and re arrange how our keyboard works.

one of the software that can do this is sharpkeys 😀
its simple and it meets the requirement (function) i need

okay that is How to change default fn button function

please download here
or here

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