How to backup your email

How to backup your email? it may seem safe but do most of you use free email account like yahoo mail and gmail?. so whats the problem of using free email account? well there is no guarantee that your email will be available forever :), for example if you have exceeded memory restriction, or if there is server maintenance which means you cant access your email for that time. Answering the question we can try some methods to backup our email, so that we can access it from our device when we need it.

1. To back up email we can download the email into our devices (PC, Laptop, dll). There are some software which can help us doing this task

Is a free email application thats easy to set up and customize – and it’s loaded with great features. It is really easy to set up, you just need to provide 3 information : name, email account, and email account password. After you provide this information, it will retrieve setting from your mail server, you than can choose retrieve mode, imap, or pop3. after you choose the mode, thunderbird will download all your email to your device. It will also download folder structure, not just inbox, so it will make sure you get all your email into your device. It is easy to use and really easy to set up.

how to backup your email

Zimbra Desktop
Zimbra Desktop is free email application for your desktop. With bigger installation size, around 90Mb, Zimbra dekstop offers you much more utilities. We can backup our email while enjoying other utilities provided by Zimbra.

2. Back up our email by forwarding email

We can backup email by using forwarding options. Every email sent to our mailbox can be forwarded to other email account. You just need to set up second email account and setting the forwarding options. In yahoo, you can’t do this if you are not premium user, but we can use it in gmail. go to setting => forwarding and pop/imap => set the forwarding address

you can download thunderbird here free download thunderbird

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