How to backup our wordpress data

How to backup our wordpress data. There are 2 common ways to backup our wordpress data. backing up data is needed to make sure we still have any of our data when it is needed. such situation is like when our website get hacked, or other situation, when we want to move our website and doing new installation.

To backup our wordpress data we can do these step:
1. Backup database using phpmyadmin
phpmyadmin is designed to make us easier in maintaining our database. all post, users, comments, all things in wordpress is saved in database. we can modify and download sql file (or other format such as zip, tar.gz) and save it in our computer periodically. u can open phpmyadmin, select your database, and choose export

export database
back up your wordpress data : export database using phpmyadmin

2. Backup all your content using wordpress tools
you can use other tools which is provided by wordpress

import and export
back up your wordpress data : import and export tools

choose export and you will have your xml file

wordpress export tool
back up your wordpress data : wordpress export tool

3. use back up plugins
you can use plugins to help you to back up your data periodically, automatically, by providing you schedule, such plugins will help you to manage you make your own schedule to back up your wordpress data.

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