Free Online Picture Editor is one of top free online picture editor.

This online editor provides you free registration access, downloadable edited picture, nice editor environment, good menus and facilities. The result is beautiful, even when you just do little changes on you picture, for example i try to edit picture provided by the website.

it comes with some easy menus to edit photo / picture such as :

1. Basic edit  : enable you to do the basic function such as : crop, transform, resize, rotate dll
2. Effect : enable you to apply colour preset such as sephia effect and other advanced preset such as effect make your picture sharper
3. Touch up : enable you to edit your image using mouse, such as erase, fill colour dll
4. Add text  : enable you to add text to your picture
5. Overlays : enable you to insert certain object such as love shape, triangle, square, dll
6. Frame : enable you to put beautiful frame to your picture
7. Texture : enable you to add texture or pattern picture on you photo/picture
8. Themes : i think this is the coolest part, it enables you to edit your picture based on some themes, for example vampire theme, you can modify your picture with monster tool and you can easily transform you face (using mouse) into monster-like face. other themes are available 🙂

Free online picture editor
Free online picture editor

beautiful isn’t it?,
you can try many other effects, picture arrangements, or other facilities provided by this website. Really nice online photo editor i think, it saves our time, and reduce our knowledge-gap in using other sophisticated picture editor such as photoshop.

This website is sooo coool 😀

you can access here

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