Download Master : How to download any files in website page

When we need to download any files in website page we will have a problem because in usual way, we need to manually click each one of the file/link we need to download. Saving page manually sometime doesn’t work because any file which is in link format won’t be saved/downloaded into our harddisk.

I first face this problem when i need to migrate my multiply blog into blogger. Muliply provides us step by step to migrate multiply blog into other blog. It provided us export post and other data available which is suitable with blogger or other blog. But it doesnt provided us easy media download. so that any media ex photo, video, etc which we have uploaded into our multiply account can’t be downloaded in single download. however, multiply provides us link to download each files in one web page. So they suggest us to use chrome extension that will enable us to download any files that is linked or embedded on the website page.

The extension is download master. This extension will make us able to download any files in website page. After installation completed, this extension will be available in upper right of chrome browser. If we click this extension icon, in any web page it will display us check box of the list of the file that can be downloaded in that web page. It nice and easy to use. But since this download master is chrome extension, we just can use it in chrome, and it will do just as the same with manual download in saving its files. so we better set our download folder first before we perform the actions, so that we get our files that we download at that time in certain folder.

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