Check Internet Connection on Windows

If you use windows and find some problem with your internet connection, you should be able to check it, to solve the problem. Here i give you simple, step by step to check your windows internet connection.

1. ping localhost
open you command prompt and try to ping localhost, if it do not respond. you should check you internet adapter (lan adapter, wireless adapter etc) wheter it is on or not. you can check it start > control panel > network connection . to enable/disable adapter you just need to right click the adapter and choose disable/enable

2. internet connection logo
if the internet connection logo shows you clear icon (without x mark) it means you are already connected to internet, if not, maybe you just connected to local area network.

3. check your ip address
you can use command prompt to check your ip addres. using commmand: ipconfig
if 169.x.x.x shows up. it means you are not connected to internet, because it is the default ip address of microsoft windows. it is possible if ip address allocation from dhcp server exceeds its limit. either you have to wait for other people to leave or you can set manually your ip address provided right information of ip address range available in that place.

4. ping to gateway
gateway is what connects you into internet, if you can ping your gateway means local connection works well.

5. ping familiar internet address
if you have ping your gateway and succeeded, you can try ping familiar internet address such as or ip address such as (dns google).

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