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Web refers to Website, all information contained in internet that can be accessed with the help from web browser and web server software.

Enable Facebook Timeline

Facebook timeline is the newest facebook feature that will display “timeline” on our profil page. This timeline is also accompanied with new facebook “cover” it is your image that will be put like a header page on websites. Facebook timeline divide our profil page into two coloums. These coloums are separated by vertical line right in the middle, this vertical line points to specific events, or wall, or your activities in newest to older order. Facebook timeline also put small timeline menu in the upper right of our profil page, we can go to any specific time in the past to see our older facebook activies. Facebook timeline will soon be realease for all, but by the time this article is posted it is only available for developer.

facebook timeline
facebook timeline

here is the post from facebook about facebook timeline :

and for you who don’t patient enough to wait you can enable facebook timeline by following intructions on this link, enjoy.

delete / remove ?wpmp_switcher=desktop

After i use wordpress plugin for mobile web application “WordPress Mobile Pack”  i found that it caused duplicate meta description. Each of my link/permalink will be appended “?wpmp_switcher=desktop”, which indicates that instead of using the web mode display, we will use desktop mode display.

since it created miss configuration to meta description tag, i prefer to remove the plugin. but the affected links seem still the same. trying to understand this thing, i did these 2 things.

1. Clear the dns cache and browser history just to make sure these aren’t the thing that causes the problem.

2. Deleting completely any “WordPress Mobile Pack” in folder wp-include>>themes.

It seems working on my website, u can try to do it with yours too. hope this helpful for you.



Jcow Installation

Jcow is facebook like application, it has been used by some community to create their own “facebook” page. Jcow available in Free and Paid license. The Free license have limited feature though. Below, is the instruction to install Jcow on your hosting.


1. Download Jcow application installer here or in
2. Create new directory for your Jcow
3. Upload the file to your hosting place it in folder Jcow, extract it here.
4. Create new database and database user, give all privileges to the user to access database.
5. In you Jcow directory find install.php change permission to execute file
chmod 775 install.php
6. Open your install.php on your browser according to your jcow directory. example :
7. Insert information required.
8. Delete install.php then try to browse your Jcow folder. example

here is the example

Error establishing a database connection

Some of the problems sometimes arise with Mysql database and WordPress. One problem that sometimes arises is the web displays the error Establish a database connection, this problem usually occurs because we haven’t started yet our mysql-server program, or already started but not run well. The solution is simply to check whether or not our mysql running and try to run it.

To view mysql process id
ps -ax | grep mysql

If this command return you no result, it means your mysql doesn’t run.

To start mysql-server

On FreeBSD enter this command
/usr/local/etc/rc.d/ mysql-server start

On Ubuntu/Centos enter this command
service mysql start

It should solve your problem.