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Web refers to Website, all information contained in internet that can be accessed with the help from web browser and web server software.

Java HTTPS testing : PKIX path validation failed:

I’ve had this https connection problem from my java client to other https server. PKIX path validation failed:

apparently the problem lies on invalid https certificate on https server i want to access.

for simple https connection testing from java client you can use this small java class : sslPoke

after downloading above class, just go to the directory where you put SSLPoke.class and run this command

java SSLPoke 443

*replace and port with https server and port you want to test

if there is no problem with your https connection you’ll get
connection successfull response

pi@raspberrypi /home $ java SSLPoke 443
Successfully connected

otherwise youll get exception error printed
for example i test against tomcat https server with self-signed certificate created using keytool

java SSLPoke 8443 PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target
at SSLPoke.main(
Caused by: unable to find valid certification path to requested target

Some https problem require you to import certificate used on https server to your java (client) keystore.
after importing the certificate from the server (to client), we can execute this java command to access the https server

pi@raspberrypi /home $ java SSLPoke 8443
Successfully connected



How to Easily Remove Unneccessary files on Android

I first noticed when my samsung galaxy tab S 8.4 s warned me about storage full. after i  manually did some house keeping (i removed big files such as : video, mp3, and large document), there’s still (unvisible) large file size in my internal storage. i remember there is ccleaner program in windows that works well for removing unnecessary file.

after i search on playstore i found this android ccleaner.  just few clicks and found cache files with over 1 GB size in my tablet. it is very easy, fast, and effective for remove unnecessary files  on android.

As mentioned on it site, beside its main function (for me) to remove unnecessary files, it can also be use to monitor our android system, install/uninstall program, removes sms one – by – one or in bulk and. Its free and adsfree too!.

here are the links :), enjoy

Samsung Galaxy tab S8.4 Bluetooth Keyboard

Samsung Galaxy tab s8.4 8.4 is great tablet with great capabilities, I have posted my Unbundling notes before.  Here I want to write it’s Bluetooth keyboard features.  Samsung Galaxy tab Bluetooth keyboard comes with nice design. It is perfectly fit with Samsung Galaxy tab S8.4 tablet.  The color is the same (mine is silver-gold color),  the size is not disappointing,  although it is smaller compared with notebook keyboards,  but it has good space between each button, this post in fact is written using Samsung Galaxy tab S8.4 Bluetooth Keyboard. It has some function (fn)  buttons that serve as android operational menu. Such as “back button”,  “home button”, and “list option/setting button”. This way, some touch screen operations can be replaced by pressing these function buttons.

Samsung Galaxy tab S8.4 with redmi 1S
Samsung Galaxy tab S8.4 with redmi 1S

This keyboard is rechargeable, the charger is not included in its package. We can recharge it’s battery using usual battery charger for Android phones (from the manual book however, it is stated that we should use only samsung-approved chargers and cables). I haven’t tested how long the battery would last, but it should last for 120 hrs (approx) while the charging time take about 2 hrs.

This keyboard is able to connect to any android device with Bluetooth. Connecting this keyboard to the Android device is very simple. Turn on the keyboard, turn on the Bluetooth on device and ask to pair to keyboard. Confirmation menu will come up on our android device, giving us instruction to type some numbers on keyboard. After we press all the numbers on keyboard, our default input method on our android device is switched to Samsung Galaxy tab S8.4 Blutooth keyboard.

Although the size is quit small, (which reduce the pleasure typing using usual keyboard size) I think this Bluetooth keyboard is quite useful. It increases the productivity of our android device. Just try :).

How to search google image by size : google advance image search

The new layout of google search result makes us not able to filter the image directly. While in past layout we can choose and filter image by size, now we couldn’t find any option to filter the image. If you want to filter the image based on some criteria, you can do this by accessing

it will give you form to filter and find image more relevanty.

google advance image search
google advance image search

Javascript introduction

[php]<script type="text/javascript" src="script.js"></script>[/php]

the line above is one of some ways to include javascript to your web page. it will make sure you have separated script file to include, rather than writing scripts directly to the same html page with the content.

second way to include javascript is by writing or embed the script directly on our html page. for example in this page i wrote

[php]<script type="text/javascript">
alert("Admin Says Hi!!");

so that u will see box appear says “Admin Says Hi” with OK button.

further use of javascript provides u amazing ways to make your html page more beautiful. for example in news flash, picture gallery, slider, dll.

javascript in act: Continue reading Javascript introduction

Joomla : Change Forgotten Administrator Password

sometimes we easily forget our password when its never used.
in this case i forgot my joomla administrator password.
i found this post in joomla documentation and re-blog it to make me remember it more.

joomla logo

1. Go to your phpmyadmin page
2. Open your joomla database
3. Find jos_users table, (in your database the prefix jos… according to your setting, sometimes named josroot_users or any other name)
4. Click that table and choose browse on the top mysql menu.
5. Edit (on name coloum) administrator entry.
6. On password option insert your new password in md5 code.
(u can generate it in this page)
7. Click Go

Adding Facebook Like to WordPress Page / Post

Above is the example
To Add this like button u can simply add this line

<div id="fb-root"></div>
<script src=""></script><fb:like href="<?php echo get_permalink(); ?>" show_faces="true" width="450"></fb:like>

or this line

<script src=""></script>

to your single post options in wordpress themes editor.
here is the step by step :

1. Open Appereance – Editor
2. Open Single.php
3. Paste the line after or before

[php]<?php the_content(); ?>[/php]

4. Save, and Try your first post with facebook like

Snorby Installation on Ubuntu 11.04

snorby is a ruby ​​application that is used to display / report the results of detection of intrusion detection software such as Snort, Sagan, and suricata. Snorby has an attractive appearance and layout, it is neat and easy to use, making snorby become one great option, beside anval, base, and the standard snortreport as snort reporting sotware to user. if you want to install snort, on a previous post i have written about the basic installation of Snort, which is one of the standard and widely IDS used.

Snorby is a ruby ​​application, because of that its installation process us a little bit new for me. Snorby installation tutorials have been written and published on the internet. It is also displayed on the main page of, but the installation tutorials is not comprehensive enough. so if you are looking for the comprehensive one, you can go to wiki pages. There is snorby installation in ubuntu without the use of RVM. The installation tutorial is complete enough to be followed if we want to install snorby on ubuntu machine.

snorby installation:

1. install dependencies

sudo apt-get install gcc g++ build-essential libssl-dev libreadline5-dev zlib1g-dev linux-headers-generic libsqlite3-dev libxslt-dev libxml2-dev imagemagick libmysqlclient-dev libmagick9-dev git-core mysql-server wkhtmltopdf[/php] Continue reading Snorby Installation on Ubuntu 11.04

How To Enable Site and Module Apache2 (Ubuntu)

Apache2 on ubuntu comes up with different configuration. you can find all configuration files on /etc/apache2.
There are some folder/file that we need to understand if we want to enable virtual hosting and enable non-default module on apache2. Here they are:

1. Folder / Directory
this is the folder where you store you site configuration. by name based vitual hosting means you can have different domain for your ip address. example and, so you will have two different file configuration inside this folder. No rule to name each configuration file. You can view sample from “default” files.

this is the folder that stores symlink (symbolic link) from configuration files. any site whose configuration file is stored here as symlink is enabled, means you can browse the site. Continue reading How To Enable Site and Module Apache2 (Ubuntu)