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Uninstall Package and It’s Configurations on Ubuntu

Ubuntu comes with package management system, apt. you can easily use apt-get to install or remove package in the other words install or remove software (program) on your ubuntu machine.

Uninstall Package on Ubuntu 11.10

Installing software command
apt-get install packagename
for example
apt-get install bind9

removing software command
apt-get remove packagename
for example
apt-get remove bind9
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AC Power Analysis

AC graph
AC, DC, Pulsating


Choice AC over DC allowed high-voltage power transmission from the power generating plant to customer.

Instaneous power p(t) absorbed by an element is the product of instaneous voltage v(t) accross the element and instaneous current i(t) through it. it is the rate at which an element absorbs energy.


for AC excitation this will equal v(t).i(t)=V


Average power, in watts is the average of the instaneous power over one period.


Backtrack 5 Installation

Backtrack 5 is ubuntu based OS that has many penetration tool installed inside. it usually used by people to begin learning about networking and hacking. u can download the source in and choose which one meets your need. that page will ask u

1. VM Flavor / Desktop Environment : GNOME and KDE .

2. Architecture : Arm, 32bit, 64bit

3. Image : ISO/VMware

for example u’re planning to install it in your laptop, u can choose : KDE, 32bit, ISO , then click download. ISO image also provides ability to use Unetbotin. Using software Unetbootin, u can create bootable BT5 in Flashdisk/External Harddrive, it will help you who doesn’t want to install this OS directly on your Laptop. U can download Unetbootin in Tutorial to create bootable drive also provided in that website.

U can install BT5 to your computer using the ISO images, u can burn ISO image to DVD, or simply use the flashdisk with bootable BT5 (Using Unetbootin).

1. Plug-in the bootable DVD/flash drive.

2. After some proccess Enter the default login name : root and the default password : toor

3. To load the desktop enter command:  startx

4. Choose / click located in top-left corner of the screen

5. Follow the instruction


BT5 provides some options in installation proccess, u can choose guided option or advanced one. in guided option u are given options to choose whether u want to create dual boot OS or not, in advanced one, u will specify the partition by yourself. here i choose guided dual boot OS and then choose the part of the disk that will be taken for BT5 partition. For trial i just allocate 10 GB. Then, the installation continue and when it has finished, reboot your system and you will get  BT5  as default booted OS.

U can start your practice after that.



backtrack5 wallpaper
backtrack5 wallpaper