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PHP Installation on Ubuntu 11

Installing PHP can somewhat confusing when you dont know the right package, here is the step by step Php Installation on Ubuntu/Linux i get from

1. Install right package
  #apt-get install php5-common libapache2-mod-php5 php5-cli

2. Restart apache to apply changes
# /etc/init.d/apache2 stop
# /etc/init.d/apache2 start

3. search for php-database module
# apt-cache search php5
# aptitude search php5
# aptitude search php5 |grep -i mysql

4. install php mysql and php curl module
# apt-get install php5-mysql php5-curl

source :

Open Different Terminals in Linux/Unix Server

It is sometime necessary to have some windows for working. In case you have linux/unix server it will be easier to use client program such as putty to log in and open another putty if you want to open new windows. But if you are working in front of your computer server, opening two or more terminals will be useful.

normally unix/linux comes up to 6 terminal called tty. you can access terminal by pressing to .
for example if you press then you are opening the default terminal, because you already opened it, it wont show any effect. if you want to open the second terminal (tab/window of shell) press , new terminal (blank screen as usual) will come up and asking you login and password, after you enter login and passwd you will get new terminal or shell windows. for navigate back or open other terminal just change F2 to F3, F4, F5, F6 or F1.

Windows Phone 7.1 Development Tools Free Download

Windows Phone 7.1 Development Tools Free Download

Windows Phone 7.1 Development Tools is software provided by microsoft for developer who wants to try making windows phone application.

There are two installer provided by microsoft, web installer and offline installer. For you who have slower internet connection then the offline installer will help you

Here in this download link of Windows Phone 7.1 Development Tools

Internet connection bandwidths (wikipedia)

Internet connection bandwidths

This table shows the maximum bandwidth (the physical layer net bitrate) of common Internet access technologies. For a more detailed list see list of device bandwidths, bit rate progress trends and list of bit rates in multimedia.
56 kbit/s Modem / Dialup
1.5 Mbit/s ADSL Lite
1.544 Mbit/s T1/DS1
10 Mbit/s Ethernet
11 Mbit/s Wireless 802.11b
44.736 Mbit/s T3/DS3
54 Mbit/s Wireless 802.11g
100 Mbit/s Fast Ethernet
155 Mbit/s OC3
600 Mbit/s Wireless 802.11n
622 Mbit/s OC12
1 Gbit/s Gigabit Ethernet
2.5 Gbit/s OC48
9.6 Gbit/s OC192
10 Gbit/s 10 Gigabit Ethernet
100 Gbit/s 100 Gigabit Ethernet

Adobe Flash Player in Backtrack 5 R3 Installation

Adobe Flash Player in Backtrack 5 R3 Installation. After installing backtrack 5 R3, i have some problem with firefox browser. it couldn’t play any flash file, youtube dll. as stated in

To solve the problem first i follow the instructions from those website. but i still couldn’t make it run well, firefox still couldn’t play the flash video in website. i then add 1 more step

apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree flashplugin-installer gnash gnash-common mozilla-plugin-gnash swfdec-

after adding the last step, i reboot the backtrack and now the flash plugin is detected

flash player installation in backtrack 5 r3
flash player installation in backtrack 5 r3

How to reset nokia phone

How to reset nokia phone. Reset (old) nokia phone can be done in two ways:

1. Soft reset
Soft reset  will give you back your original setting of your phone. you will once again see its original theme, original setup, original ringing tone etc. but it will not give you back your chance to modify your phone lock codes. you can do it by pressing *#7780#. it will not delete your software installed, so you not need to worry about software or anything installed. it just will fixed your “hang” problem and help you recover original setting.

2. Hard reset
hard reset will give you hard reset. it will erase all your data installed in your phone. it will erase all data in your phone memory, so if you want to do this step you need to back up your old data first and becareful. you can perform hard reset by pressing. *#7370#.
or if it is not working you can press call button and end button together for some seconds.

How to backup our wordpress data

How to backup our wordpress data. There are 2 common ways to backup our wordpress data. backing up data is needed to make sure we still have any of our data when it is needed. such situation is like when our website get hacked, or other situation, when we want to move our website and doing new installation.

To backup our wordpress data we can do these step:
1. Backup database using phpmyadmin
phpmyadmin is designed to make us easier in maintaining our database. all post, users, comments, all things in wordpress is saved in database. we can modify and download sql file (or other format such as zip, tar.gz) and save it in our computer periodically. u can open phpmyadmin, select your database, and choose export

export database
back up your wordpress data : export database using phpmyadmin

2. Backup all your content using wordpress tools
you can use other tools which is provided by wordpress

import and export
back up your wordpress data : import and export tools

choose export and you will have your xml file

wordpress export tool
back up your wordpress data : wordpress export tool

3. use back up plugins
you can use plugins to help you to back up your data periodically, automatically, by providing you schedule, such plugins will help you to manage you make your own schedule to back up your wordpress data.

My WordPress is Hacked

My wordpress is hacked for the second time now, the first i notice is because the hacked sending me email notification and asked me to examine why my wordpress can be hacked by him.  but because i could not find out, i just recover my website manually, in a way i installed it (wordpress standard installation).

the second attack happened just now, yah now sure when it happened but, yesterday when i tried to enter the login username, my wordpress did not respond well, and when i ask for forget password, it gave me new username, and i just realized that my website have been hacked again.

untill now i do not take time to look for the reason why it can be hacked i once again recover my website, doing non preventive steps such as :

1. back up database
database is where you save all your post in wordpress. you can open your phpmyadmin and choose export menu, or go to your control panel and choose database wizard, which will give you an option to backup your database. but becarefull dont backup all database, because it may also backup the hacked table. im not sure whether its right or wrong but make sure you backup what you need such as your posts. or if you dont want to use database you can use wordpress export tool, which will give you xml file that can be use to recover all your post. you can read the step by step in my post How to backup our wordpress data

2.  delete old files
some sites suggest us to use good plugins because some attack can be addressed into our plugins or other part of our files. so to make sure we dont leave same hole in our website. we can delete our old files.

3. set up new updated wordpress and plugins
Make sure to setup new updated wordpress and plugins when you install new site. use strong password and uniq username. updated version of wordpress and plugins can minimize your chance to get the attack. for the example of the plugin i use right now, you can read it in my post How to strengthen your wordpress : plugins to secure wordpress 

4. use security plugins
u can try to use security plugins but im not sure about this, since in my first time use the plugins my site still get the attack and i have to consider other options actually. but it my help you to strengthen the security on your website. for the example of the plugin i use right now, you can read it in my post How to strengthen your wordpress : plugins to secure wordpress

5. modify htaccess
some site suggest us to modify our htaccess files, you can see the example here 

6. File permission
make sure you set the right file permission on all your files and folder, you can read about it here, File Permission on UNIX/Linux or here

7. Save your wp-content/uploads folder
uploads folder contains all images or other file you have upload to your wordpress and the file that you have used in your post. so when you just save your database, you will get error in every image file you use in your post. in order to save those and make it right you have to copy your uploads folder to your new wordpress installation. you also need to modify your permalink into the one that you have used in your previous website. to read about it How to edit wordpress permalink

Those are my step by step to recover my wordpress after being hacked, you can try to use it to but it is better if you consider other options such as trying to attack you own site to examine the possible  cause and fix it. but im no good in this hacking actions so i havent try to do it yet.

Deductive Reasoning

Deductive reasoning uses the law of logic to link together true statements to arrive at conclusion. Definition is true statement, so it is used in proof. a proof is valid argument that establishes the truth of a statement.

direct proof is proof that start with the given statement that use the law of logic to arrive at the statement to be proved.
indirect proof or proof by contradiction is proof that starts with the negation of the statement to be proved and use the law of logic to show that it is false. when the negation of statement is false, the statement must be true, if we can show that the negation of the statement to be proved is false, then the statement must be true.