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24/7 and Media Integration Marketing Concept

Everyone can do marketing. on one of an occasion i have been invited by my friend to join marketing seminar from one of marketing magazine in jakarta. The seminar talks about the power of 24/7 and media integration in marketing. by using all media available now we can increase the marketing prospect.

There were two examples/study cases how we can do this concept,

the first example comes from soyjoy which used only 5 blogger to talk about this product and it succesfully made almost all singapore citizen aware of it. following soyjoy success story, the management use media integration concept on pocari sweat case. pocari sweat claimed it first ever declining profit in 2010. it forced the management to act with new marketing ideas. the head marketing responded really well, resulting marketing ideas with full media integration. they use blogger, celebrity, and game to introduce the product to the customer. this marketing concept results in its increasing profit in the following year.

the second example comes from this online site sells fashion products below 100.000 rupiahs. the owner of this site using media integration. She create facebook game, named miss & match game, where we can choose & combine shirts, trousers, and other wearable fashion, any combinations of those fashion components is given a score. it proves to entertain a lot of women facebook users, she claimed more than 5000 users use this application in its early launch.

So how did she integrate the game into the marketing?

She not only put the game to announce its brand, further she made any fashion product in this game available offline, to be purchased by the customer. After finish the game, user will be able to see the product and to buy the product.

Have you practice this concept :)?

How to set google earth proxy, google earth proxy setting

How to set google earth proxy? Setting proxy in google earth?
It is true that google earth needs internet connection to run its service. In direct internet connection there will be no problem, but for internet connection with proxy, google earth will display notification about internet connection problem. so where we can do proxy setting?

it seems that google earth read proxy setting in IE brower, so if you want your google earth to work properly, you can first make sure your proxy setting in IE works. If it is still not working maybe you should also check for other browser proxy, such as mozilla & google chrome, and make sure that those browsers can access internet.

Setting proxy in internet explorer can be done by these step :
1. in menu bar choose tools > internet options

Internet explorer proxy setting
Internet explorer proxy setting

2. in new window that appears choose menu connection and chose setup
3. write the address of your proxy and its port

internet explorer aka google earth proxy setting
internet explorer aka google earth proxy setting!topic/earth/gOwNP5j9mdk

CCNA : Background

The importance of certification is to measure and to show your competencies formally through legal document. certification also show you the level of your ability in specific skill or knowledge. It can be used to get higher salary from the employee :). CCNA is first step that should be taken to measure you knowledge and ability in internetworking.

The output of CCNA sertification

Install, configure, and operate LAN, WAN, and wireless access service securely, as well as troubleshoot and configure small to medium network (500 nodes or fewer) for performance :

Knowledge needed :

  • IP
  • IPV6
  • RIP
  • RIPv2
  • OSPF
  • serial connections
  • Frame Relay
  • cable
  • DSL
  • PPPoE
  • LAN Switching
  • VLANs
  • Ethernet
  • Security
  • access lists


Chino pants Cewek (harga Rp 140.000,00)

Chino pants untuk cewek, custom, harga Rp 140.000,00 🙂
Bikin Chino pants untuk cewek, custom, harga Rp 140.000,00 🙂

Order ditutup sementara, *dibuka lagi setelah lebaran 🙂

Order CLosed for a Moment :), Sorry for the inconvenient

Chino pants adalah model celana yang sedang populer, dengan desain yang termasuk baru dan warna yang menarik, dapat dipakai di acara santai, maupun formal. 🙂


Size & Models

Size Chino Pants Cewek

Ukuran Chino Pants Cewek

Ukuran Chino Pants Cewek, Regular FIt, Slim Fit, Skinny Fit

katalog warna
Katalog Warna Chino Pants Cewek/Cowok

Klik untuk memperbesar / click to enlarge

katalog warna celana chino cewek/cowok

Daftar Harga Poduk (Promo)


harga celana chino pants cewek / cowok adalah Rp 140.000
harga celana denim cewek/cowok adalah Rp 130.000

harga produk chino pants dan denim pants
harga produk chino pants dan denim pants

How To Order
Cara Pemesanan


Tentukan dulu model celana, warna, dan ukuran celana chino yang ingin di pesan
Kirim pesanan Anda melalui SMS ke 082-121-606-818 or dengan format :

Nama :
Alamat :
Model :
Warna :
Ukuran :

• Kami akan mengirimkan nomor rekening beserta total yang harus anda transfer (barang + onkos kirim)
• Setelah Anda transfer segera beritahukan kami, dan kami akan segera melakukan proses produksi.
• Setelah barang jadi kami akan langsung mengirimkannya ke Anda
• Proses produksi membutuhkan waktu 7 hari dan tergantung dari banyaknya pesanan
• Kalo mau sekedar tanya-tanya dulu silahkan, ini Contact Person nya

Untuk yang ingin tanya-tanya dilayani melaui sms di nomer berikut 🙂
082 121 606 818 or

Terms and ConditionsTerms and Condition
Syarat dan Ketentuan : 


• Pemesanan menggunakan sistem Pre Order artinya Pesan – Bayar – Produksi – Kirim 
• Berapapun jumlah pesanan akan kami layani, walaupun pesanan Cuma satu
• Pembayaran dilakukan secara lunas di awal atau DP minimal 50% dari harga barang
• Order akan diproses setelah pembayaran
• Barang tidak Ready Stock
• Produksi dilakukan di Bandung
• Proses produksi 7 hari
• Pembayaran dapat dilakukan melalui BNI 
• Pengiriman menggunakan JNE, TIKI, dan POS 
• Ongkos kirim dihitung dari Bandung ditanggung pembeli
• Ongkos transfer beda bank ditanggung oleh pembeli
• Barang yang sudah dipesan tidak dapat dibatalkan
• Barang yang sudah dikirim tidak dapat ditukar kembali. Pastikan ukuran yang Anda pilih adalah benar

Frequently Asked Question


Q : Barang ready stock ga gan?
A : Ngga. Kita sistemnya pre order sis (pesan – bayar – produksi -kirim) 🙂

Q : Gan ane minat jadi reseller nih, ada untungnya ga?
A : Pasti ada gan, kontak saya lsg aja

Tier 1 ISP Characteristic

Tier 1 network terms is usually used when we talk about computer networking, from meriam webster dictionary the definition of tier is :
a : a row, rank, or layer of articles; especially : one of two or more rows, levels, or ranks arranged one above another
b : a group of political or geographic divisions that form a row across the map (the southern tier of states)

this is taken from

Tier 1 network can be understood as rank 1 network, Tier 1 ISP then refers to Rank 1 ISP. from wikipedia the tier 1 network is an internet protocol network that participate in the internet via settlement-free interconnection called settlement free peering.

Tier 2 network / ISP is network that still needs tier 1 ISP reach some portion of (global) internet. This tier 2 ISP pays for unequal traffic flows between them, the term fee-based peering or transit is usually used to refers to this kind of settlement. Tier 2 network may connected through same size network with settlement free peering (tier 2 to tier 2)

While Tier 3 network / ISP is network that is connected to global internet through Tier 2 ISP. as the customer of bigger ISP, they pay for the transit fee to its Tier 1 or Tier 2 ISP.

You can observe the network hierarki from this image

Tier Network Hierarchy
Tier Network Hierarchy

Network Provider Hierarchy

From IDC White Paper (Tier 1 ISPs : What Are They And Why They Are Important) there are some characteristics that represent Tier 1 Network :

1. Tier 1 Networks Dont Pay for the trafic between similiar size networks
2. Tier 1 Networks Have access to all routing tables from their peering networks
3. Tier 1 Networks peer on one or more continent
4. Tier 1 Networks own or lease transoceanic fiberoptic transport
5. Tier 1 Networks deliver packet to and from customer and to and from peers around the world


in computer networks, peering means voluntary interconnection between separately internet network in purpose for exchange traffic between the customer of each network. Each participant doesn’t pay for the traffic, instead they get the money from their own customer. The term peering is used when two participant shared the same link with same size (equivalent sized partner).

The biggest internet provider that connected accross continent is example of tier 1 ISP. some of them will have underground oceanic backbone to ensure it can deliver the highest data rate.

There are 3 basic form of interconnection rules : public peering, private peering, and transit.

private peering refers to direct interconnection between two ISP. this connection is built via layer 1 and layer 2 link between ISP with similar networks capacity and traffic level. Its exclusive and expensive

public peering refers to multiple interconnection of network through internet exchange. it is the predominant model for exchanging traffic between ISP. The term public implies that many tier 1 or tier 2 networks can connect through it. The service itself can be free and commercial. the commercial one tough, tries to give the experience equal with private peering, they move incredible amount of traffic, without loss.

Transit refers to selling dedicated access through ISP network via private lease-line telecommunications circuits. Transit cost comes from circuit cost and variable cost associated with the traffic carried upstream to the internet.

You can read more about it here

Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) Plus and Minor Minus

Internet 10 is ie accompanion for windows 8, but it can be downloaded freely and run well in windows 7. Whats new about internet explorer is that internet explorer 10 offers new performance, much better than its predecessor, other older ie version

some site has displayed benchmark result of some most used browser such as firefox, google chrome, opera. And among these browsers internet explorer 10 has showed really good result loh 🙂

Plus :

1. Some old system/application in corporate environment is built browser based
you will meet some application and system that can only run in Internet Explorer, so using internet explorer 10 will still offers u ability to access the application while having better user experience

2. Better performance in javascript and html 5
Internet Explorer 10 has known to have better performance in javascript and html 5, its in the best 2 among other browser. Now, internet explorer upper rival is google chroome, cool isn’t it

Javascript benchmark
Javascript benchmark
V8 benchmark
V8 benchmark

you can read the review here

Minor Minus :

1. Minimized tab representation
one thing i hate from this browser is that this browser still showing multiple icon in our windows taksbar for each tab we open.
somehow this kind of representation makes me think that i had open many programs separately and drives me to think that my laptop works much harder to run each internet explorer tab
here is the picture showing how browser tabs resulted in minimized IE icons in taksbar..

Internet explorer 10
Internet explorer 10

2. right click menu
beside those disadvantages there is still right click menu option that is missing, there is no ‘show image’ or ‘open image in new tab’

internet explorer 10 right click menu
internet explorer 10 right click menu

so its harder for me to take images url source or to open images in new tab

to download the internet explorer 10 you can open here

Probability And Statistic Terms : Basic Probability Terms

Probability and statistics is very important in real life application, it is very useful for analysis in business process and market research. here i write some term usually used in probability and statistic in order to make us more familiar and to review/remember it.

1. Random Experiment : Experiment that its outcome can’t be measure for certainty for ex, the result when we toss the dice in contrast with biology experiment that usually comes up with general result, provided we control the variable under alike conditions

2. Sample Spaces : A set S that contains of all possible outcome from random experiment. when we toss a dice than sample space is (1,2,3,4,5,6) or all possible outcome of each side of the dice
-Sample points : Each outcome in sample spaces.
-Finite sample space : if sample space has finite number of points (discrete sample space ex= integer)
-Countably infinite sample space : if it has as many points as natural number
-Uncountably infinite sample space : if it has as many points in some interval in x axis 0<=x<=1 = (nondiscrete sample space ex= real number) 3. Event : is subset A of sample space S, a set of possible outcomes -Elementary set : single points/posible outcome -Certain set : set S, where any of S can occure -Empty set : if element can not occur in S -Union : if either A or B or both occure = A U B -Intersection : if both A and B occurs = A and B -complement of A : A' = Not A = Sample space - A -A but not B represented by = A-B or A and B' -Mutually Exclusive : If A and B can not both occur (A and B = 0) 4. Axiom of Probability Supposed we have discrete set S then all subsets corresponds to event, Conversely we have nondiscrete set S, only special subsets called measurable correspond to event, To each event A in the class C of event, we associate a real number P(A). P is called probability function, and P(A) the probability of event if the following axiom is satisfied [caption width="500" align="aligncenter"]axiom of probability axiom of probability[/caption]

5. Probability Theorem
probability theorem

probability theorem
probability theorem

Video Compression in IPTV

Compression means reducing number of bits required to represent the video image. Video compression in IPTV is always needed in order to deliver smooth service. choosing suitable video compression can mean success or failure in video networking project.

compressing technology has been used to transform large data into small one that can be put into more tiny device. mp3 compression convert audio data from CD into smaller file that can be put into mp3 player with a smaller size of storage (at first). Other compression make it possible for us to watch 2 hours movie from DVD cassette and player. even we can put more than one movie into 1 DVD.

Compression technology has been used because it has many advantages such as :
1. Compressed stream can be transmitted over lower bit rate network rather than uncompressed stream.
2. More compressed stream can fit into given bandwidth.
3. Without compression there is no way to deliver HD video which occupies 1Gbps of bandwidth.
4. Compressed stream can fit more into given storage size.
5. A good compression technique can be used to reduce the amount of bandwidht

USee TV, TV Streaming For Android

USeeTV as i mentioned in my post before, has built software for android phone, so that any android phone can play TV streaming function via its smartphone. USeeTV for android is suitable via google play strore. You can read the rest of article and download free USeeTV, TV streaming for Android here.

In that site, i found reviews from 2 users saying that the app is great and 1 user saying the app is bad because for non free video you have to register first. but overall i think its great. so just try it 🙂