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Video Compression in IPTV

Compression means reducing number of bits required to represent the video image. Video compression in IPTV is always needed in order to deliver smooth service. choosing suitable video compression can mean success or failure in video networking project.

compressing technology has been used to transform large data into small one that can be put into more tiny device. mp3 compression convert audio data from CD into smaller file that can be put into mp3 player with a smaller size of storage (at first). Other compression make it possible for us to watch 2 hours movie from DVD cassette and player. even we can put more than one movie into 1 DVD.

Compression technology has been used because it has many advantages such as :
1. Compressed stream can be transmitted over lower bit rate network rather than uncompressed stream.
2. More compressed stream can fit into given bandwidth.
3. Without compression there is no way to deliver HD video which occupies 1Gbps of bandwidth.
4. Compressed stream can fit more into given storage size.
5. A good compression technique can be used to reduce the amount of bandwidht

IPTV Architecture

IPTV system consists of typical parts, although the name and the details per part can be different between one provider and other but usually to deliver its content IPTV system will have these :

1. SHE (Super Head End)
2. VSO (Video Serving Office)
3. CO (Central Officer) or RT (Remote Terminal) that can serve as (Local End Office)

Super Head End
Super Head End is primary source of programming for IPTV systems. it is responsible for gathering content from programming supplier, converting it into appropriate form for delivery in IPTV network, and transmit it to Video Serving Office (VSO’s).
Super Head End (SHE) performs :
1. Content Aggregation
2. Conversion
3. Transport
4. Formatting

IPTV architecture
IPTV architecture

Video Serving Office
Video Serving Office is responsible for video processing and delivery services for geographic region, such as city. It is also responsible for distributing the content from SHE into every CO/RT in the region. VSO function aslo include
1. Localization
2. Compression
3. Stream Creation
4. Storage
5. Local ads
6. Interactivity
7. STB authorization
8. Fiber delivery

Central Office/ Remote Terminal
Central Office contains telephone call switching equipment. Remote terminal which is usually located underground contain system that connect subscriber lines and digital or fiber optic links to nearest CO.
CO/RT functions also include :
1. DSLAM function
2. Multicasting Technology
3. Connectivity
4. Combining services

Customer Premises
Is the parts/equipment that located in each home for example
1. DSL Modem
2. DSL filter
3. The Home Gateway
4. The STB

Differences Between IPTV, IPVOD, Internet TV, and Internet Video

The use of words IPTV and internet TV are usually used interchangeably while in fact there  are some differences between those words. In my previous post about internet technology for ip tv, i have mention a little about IPTV, now in this post i will write the definition and differences between IPTV, IPVOD, Internet TV and Internet Video.

the table below describe the differences between IPTV, IPVOD, Internet TV, and Internet Video. The first table will display colom for IPTV and IPVOD, the next table displays colom for Internet TV and Internet Video

Service Attribute IPTV IPVOD
Key Protocol Streaming RTP over UDP Progressive Download + Play
Key Protocol Streaming RTP over UDP Progressive Download + Play
Viewing Device STB + TV STB + TV or PC
User Experience Similiar to broadcast or cable TV Similiar to DVDR or VOD
Rewind or Fast Forward No Yes
Content Types Live or prerecorded prerecorded only


And these are the differences between Internet TV and Internet video. (I write this separately because i can’t display the table in full view)


Service Attribute Internet TV Internet Video
Key Protocol Http Streaming: Progressive Download + Play Http Streaming: Progressive Download + Play
Viewing Device PC, mobile, or network appliance PC, mobile, or network appliance
User Experience Similiar to web surfing Similiar to web surfing
Rewind or Fast Forward No Yes
Content Types Live or prerecorded prerecorded only


from table above we can see that the difference between each term is that IPTV and IPVOD use STB or Set-Top Box while Internet TV and Internet Video only use PC or mobile device (smartphone), its just the same with browsing activity. While the difference between term “TV” and “Video” (including Video in “‘Video’ on Demand”) lies in the fact that one provides live content, while the other only provides prerecorded content.

*Set-Top Box is device that receives video packets, decompress them, and display images in realtime. It is crucial component of any IPTV network.

The reason why IPTV exploding?

The reason why IPTV exploding?

Video is precisely timed, continuous stream of constant bit rate information which actually needs its own channel that is purposely-built for video. In contrast IP carry many different kinds of data from different recourse on a common channel. IP is actually deliver information in broken packet. IP technologies by default doesn’t meed the requirement for video service but why IPTV is exploding?

from IPTV and internet Video book, the reason are these five basic arguments :

1. Broadband IP networks reach so many households, Video service providers don’t need to create their own network
2. IP can simplify task to launch new video services, such as Video On Demand, and targetted advertisement.
3. The cost of IP networking is declining due to massive production of infrastructures and equipments.
4. IP network is available in every country and the user of highspeed data connection is growing continuously.
5. IP covers and provides services for many technologies such as web, data transfer, money transaction, dll, it means that people will need and use IP technology in their life

UseeTV Free TV Streaming for Indonesia

UseeTV is free TV streaming site for indonesia. It serves us portal to access many tv programs that have been recorded and tv program that is served live tv program/channel such as antv, Bchannel, Metro TV, Indosiar, SCTV, Kompas TV, TV One, O channel, Bali TV, TVRI, TV edukasi, Al Quran Al Kareem, Alegro, and Arena. you can try it here. or open

1. Antv Streaming,
2. Bchannel Streaming,
3. Metro TV Streaming,
4. Indosiar Streaming,
5. SCTV Streaming,
6. Kompas TV Streaming,
7. TV One Streaming,
8. O channel Streaming,
9. Bali TV Streaming,
10. TVRI Streaming,
11. TV edukasi Streaming,
12. Al Quran Al Kareem Streaming,
13. Alegro TV Streaming,
14. Arena TV Streaming

USeeTV has very nice user interface/display, and nicely arranged menu. The streaming quality from USeeTV will be given according to your internet speed, better speed will give you better streaming quality. For modem usage, UseeTV will give you clear video and audio but of course, the unstability in modem connection sometimes give you lags.

You can also browse the schedule for each channel in UseeTV. UseeTV will give you list of its program in calender mode. so that you can browse any program that have been scheduled by the channel.

UseeTV also gives you menu to access VOD or Video On Demand and ToVi, but to access this video you need to login into its system and purchase it via pulsa. Here, you can watch original movie with really cheap price. Just make sure you have stable internet connections.

Other than Video service, UseeTV is also portal for radio streaming, these are some radio channel that is available on UseeTV and can be played for free :

1. Ardan Bandung
2. B Radio Bandung
3. OZ Radio
6. Rajawali
7. Sindo
8. Global
9. RDI
10. RRI pro 1 Tual.
11. Suara Muslim
12. Jodhipati FM
13. Suara Edukasi

advantages :
1. USeeTV has nice user interface and display.
2. USeeTV has Portal both to video and radio streaming.
3. USeeTV has Better display than mivoTV.
4. USeeTV has no ads that usually bother the viewer
5. USeeTV provides Free TV Streaming.

disadvantages :
1. Still in development
2. Unclear menu/section
3. Need simple / more universal registration mode.

Conclusion :

So far, it think USeeTV is one of best TV streaming portal in indonesia, its really worth to try :).

Windows 8 Free Download

windows 8 free download
windows 8 free download

Miscrosoft has announced its newest operating system Windows 8. It also comes with newest features, its main feature is its compatibility to be ported to most all computer architectures. it fully supports touchscreen device and still suitable for most win 7 applications. Metro UI, is its user interface name.

From one article from microsoft i also found some explanation about its new features, here they are :

  • Fast launching of apps from a tile-based Start screen, which replaces the Windows Start menu with a customizable, scalable full-screen view of apps.
  • Live tiles with notifications, showing always up-to-date information from your apps.
  • Fluid, natural switching between running apps.
  • Convenient ability to snap and resize an app to the side of the screen, so you can really multitask using the capabilities of Windows.
  • Web-connected and Web-powered apps built using HTML5 and JavaScript that have access to the full power of the PC.
  • Fully touch-optimized browsing, with all the power of hardware-accelerated Internet Explorer 10.


here is the video preview :
well, i believe all u want is just to try and download it. well it may just preview edition, but it is said that th final version may include features from this edition
here is the link provided by microsoft :

Understanding GPS : Global Positioning System

GPS or Global Positioning System is space-based global navigation satellite system (GNSS). GNSS is used for satellite navigation system with global coverage. GPS provides location and time information in all weather, anywhere on Earh (where there is an obstructed line to four or more GPS satellite). GPS is maintained by United States goverment and available to anyone with GPS receiver.

gps satellite

Other satellite positioning systems available are GLONASS from Rusia, Compass

Continue reading Understanding GPS : Global Positioning System

Router Analogy and Factor to Consider for Efficient Delivery

Router Analogy,

network link that connects two router is limited by how much data it can transfer per unit of time, commonly reffered as bandwidth or capacity of a link. which is represented by data rate such as 1.54 megabits per second. a network carries traffic on its links and through its routers to the eventual destination; traffic in a network refers to packets generated by different applications such as web/mail.

if traffic suddenly increase, for ex, many users trying to download from the same website, then packets generated can possibly queued at routers or even dropped.

Router actually mantains finite amount of space = buffer. to store backlogged packets temporarily, it is possible to reach the buffer limit.

for efficient delivery of packets there are several key factors to consider :
1. Router with a reasonable amount of buffer space
2. links with adequate bandwidth
3. actual transmission with mininal error
4. Router effeciency in swithing a packet to the appropriate outgoing link

How to effectively use your laptop battery

How to effectively use your laptop battery?. Most battery will work as its displayed specification, for example 8 hours in standby mode in early usage, but this performance actually depends on some factors such as how many discharge cycle you had and how well you manage to use your battery. Here are some ways to use laptop battery effectively. By saying effectively means you can get your laptop to work longer with fully charged battery, or saving power consumption.

1. Turn off your background program.
Background program usually consume memory and make the work of laptop heavier.

2. Defrag your harddisk frequently. Add RAM
Fragmented disk will make CPU work harder to access file in harddisk, doing defragmentation can help to solve this problem. Adding RAM can help you save your battery power since bigger the ram the faster data can be stored and accessed by the CPU from RAM.

3. Reduce the brightness.
Unless you work in really bright environment, try to reduce your brightness.

4. Create power plan
Each battery driver has its power plan, you can choose or create power plan which lead computer action to save the battery. You can access power options in control panel and customize how your laptop work to save your battery.

5. Remove plugged in devices when it is not use.
Each device consumes power and tends to reduce your battery faster.

6. Dim the screen if it is not active, or activate screen saver mode

7. Discharge your battery (li-ion) less than full discharge, and keep it in cool place if you do not use it.

8. Reduce multitasking or heavy program
When you plan to save battery power you should reduce multitasking program, u also should not play heavy game or program.

9. Remove virus or malware
Virus and malware can harm the battery in the same way as running many background program

10. Work in clean environment with moderate temperature
Hot temperature tends to reduce battery capacity overtime. although in the other side it is said that charging battery will happen faster in hot temperature, but regular usage, which involves discharge process should not be done in high/hot temperature

Those are some ways to use your battery effectively, hope it can work well for you.

How to preserve your laptop battery life

How to prolong or preserve your battery. Laptop battery nowadays is important factor when we choose to buy laptop or other gadget. Usually we want laptop whose battery has long life, or big capacity, so that we can operate our laptop longer. One fact that we have to know is that each battery has life cycle (discharge cycle), and after our usage extend this limit, we can’t expect our battery to work like before. each time we use our battery, its capacity will be reduced. Despite the fact that each battery has its limit, we can prevent our battery from getting damaged by our fault.

1. Use and charge battery in moderate temperature.
Hot temperature tends to reduce battery life, while cool temperature reduces battery performance.

2. Keep your battery in cool temperature.
Keeping battery in cool temperature when it is not used will preserve your battery life.

3. If you need fast charging, you can use thermal blanket to raise the temperature.
Battery can be charged faster in moderate temperature but keep it in moderate temperature, not hot.

4.  Don’t use your battery alone when your computer/laptop needs to load heavy program.
Running heavy program such as High-Dev Game or doing frequent harddisk access needs more power which can cause heat, heat can damage your battery. Use your AC adapter to avoid this.

5. Do not fully discharge your battery
Manufacturer prefer to discharge at 80%, it can increase service life of the battery.

6. Save for long time = 40%
If you plan to save your battery for long time, make sure that your battery is charged at 40%. This number comes from manufacturer, it is believed that saving at this rate will keep your battery in a good condition. Make sure to keep it in a cool place.