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InnoDB Slower Update Performance

Yesterday, i had locking table problem in myIsam table. The solution proposed is to change existing myIsam table into InnoDB table. So we changed the engine table as proposed. For information, my existing table had about 50000 rows. Atfer changing the table functionality test was performed and the program worked well. But we notice another problem when real load is applied to the application. we notice the reduced TPS.

From mysql command “show full processlist”, we saw UPDATE query in action.

So in default localhos mysql server i tried to run that run the same query againts +- 5000 rows innodb table & +-5000 rows myIsam table

UPDATE testisam SET sent = sent + 1 WHERE id = ‘5000’;

Table isam, 100 query update on particular row

Id            sent       startupdate                        endupdate
5000       99           2015-09-23 15:48:53        2015-09-23 15:48:53

execution time ~ 1 s


UPDATE testinno SET sent = sent + 1 WHERE id = ‘5000’;

Table inno, 100 query update on particular row

Id            sent       startupdate                        endupdate
5000       99           2015-09-23 15:47:07        2015-09-23 15:47:11

execution time ~5 s

From the result above, in default configuration, UPDATE query to single row on innodb table will take longer time than myIsam table. While it is true that InnoDB engine will prevent table locking, several tuning and changes in query should be made in order to work well with InnoDB table.

So because this “tuning & changes in query” will take sometime to learn/read. I decided to revert back to MyIsam table.. 😛


Kodi video and add-on sound problem raspberry pi2

in previous post ive install kodi on raspberry pi2.
installation was successfull and i can see kodi start screen on my tv. but what about its feature to play any videos (almost format) and music files?

the next step is to try some movie files with different display size, from sd to hd.
all SD file size was played smoothly by kodi. but for 1080p size first i saw lag on video.
to solve this lag problem it is suggested that we change gpu parameter in /boot/config.txt to be larger than 160. just to make sure it is larger than 160 i set it to 512 haha don’t know whether it was necessary or not. alongside with increasing gpu mem i also try menu raspi-config to do the overclocking.

now the bottom of my /boot/config.txt  looks like this



i did the reboot and tried to play the 1080p video file and other video file. Viola there was no lag. But some of the videos didn’t output sound. There was just no output sound.
i tought maybe it was codec problem. so i move to next step. Testing video add-on. and yes, the same problem appeared, all add-on video (display) was playing well, but there was no sound :(. i’ve tried several add-ons such as youtube,, and ted talk.

after some googling i found some posts suggest us to set some options in kodi setting > system > audio output. you can try by yourself. i found my issue was solved by doing this..

Step 1. Testing analogue output

1. setting > system > audio output2. plug your headset/earphone (3.5 mm jack) to your raspberry pi 2
3. back to kodi menu, choose audio output device, change from default PI:HDMI to other output device >> PI:analogue. Don’t forget to adjust kodi volume with your remote :D. set the volume up to make sure it was not reset to minimum volume.
4. the sound shoud’ve came up by now :). now you can listen with your earphone all the time, or output it to speaker (using 3.5 mm jack).

Now what you want is offcourse sound output on you tv (via hdmi).

1. now choose “Audion Output Device” back to original >> PI:HDMI.
2. see if the sound appear, if not now check the “Output Configuration” menu.
3. Change from default “Best Match” to “Fixed”. Check “Limit sampling rate” the default value is “48.0”.
4. “This is”, Now my video that previously didn’t output sound on HDMI audio ouput begin to sound :D. if it still not ouput anything try to change default value “48.0” with other value available in the menu. see if one gives you what you want. dont forget check the kodi volume (via remote) each time you try your configuration.

So far this solution works for me. hope it works for you too

KODI XBMC installation on raspbian raspberry pi

Kodi / XBMC enable raspbian raspberry pi to act as module to convert dumb tv to smart tv :). ill also add how to connect xbmc via android phone.

What you need:

1. raspberry pi
2. internet connection
3. mouse
4. wifi module (for remote application on adroid phone)
5. hdmi cable

Raspberry pi 2 kodi hdmi connection
Raspberry pi 2 kodi hdmi connection

Step by step.

A. Install kodi/xmbc

1. sudo apt-get update
2. apt-get install kodi

B. enable kodi on startup

1. sudo nano /etc/default/kodi
2. change ENABLED=0 to ENABLED=1

C. enable kodi keyboard & mouse input

1. sudo nano /etc/udev/rules.d/10-permissions.rules
2. add these lines
# input
KERNEL==”mouse*|mice|event*”,   MODE=”0660″, GROUP=”input”
KERNEL==”ts[0-9]*|uinput”,      MODE=”0660″, GROUP=”input”
KERNEL==”js[0-9]*”,             MODE=”0660″, GROUP=”input”

# tty
KERNEL==”tty[0-9]*”,            MODE=”0666″

# vchiq
SUBSYSTEM==”vchiq”,  GROUP=”video”, MODE=”0660″
3. Save file

4. Add user kodi to input group
sudo usermod -a -G input kodi

5. reboot
sudo reboot

on this point when you plug hdmi, xbmc/kodi display will appear on your monitor screen.
you can control xbmc input via your mouse :D.

kodi add-on 9gag tv
kodi add-on 9gag tv

Now if you want to connect raspberry pi xbmc / kodi via android phone, follow instructions below

D. Connect raspberry pi kodi/xbmc via android phone
1. on kodi/xbmc display, choose setting > webserver
2. click enable webserver option, edit webserver port with any number you like.
The default value is 8080 but u can change it if you also have other webserver application installed on your raspberry pi such as apache
3. edit username and password, default value is username:kodi, password:kodi
4. install xbmc remote application on your android phone.
5. connect your android phone & rasberry pi to your home network. (hotspot), input your raspberry ip address, and username, password for kodi on xbmc remote application
6. Viola, now you can control raspberry pi kodi/xbmc via your android phone.

Raspberry pi 2 installation without keyboard & monitor

I assume you already download raspbian and write image file to Micro SD.
the next step is then turning on the power and see if we can access raspberry pi via laptop.

what you need

1. 2 lan cable that is connected to router. (any lan cable that on the network that offer dhcp). 1 cable for your laptop, 1 cable is for raspberry pi.
2. nmap installed on windows.
3. windows powershell

Step by step

1. power on your raspberry pi, dont plug lan cable first.
2. on your laptop which is connected to lan cable, open powershell
windows logo –> type powershell.
3. type ipconfig command to determine your ip address & netwrok
for example

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix  . :
Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : x.x.x.x
IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :

4. do nmap scan (ping scan) to record all up connection, and put it on file
nmap -v -sn “your network” | findstr “your network part only ip” | findstr /v down > first.txt
for example
nmap -v -sn | findstr “10.2.133.” | findstr /v down > first.txt

this will output any up ip address in your network before you connect you raspberry pi to your network

5. plug in lan cable to your raspberry pi, wait for a while to make sure raspberry pi got dhcp ip address. then enter this command on power shell
nmap -v -sn | findstr “192.168.1” | findstr /v down > second.txt
this will output any up ip address in your network including your raspberry pi connection.

6. compare two files to see which one is you raspberry pi address
compare those two files using this command on powershell
compare (Get-Content .\first.txt) (Get-Content .\second.txt)

example result :

InputObject                                                 SideIndicator
———–                                                 ————-
Nmap scan report for                          =>
Nmap scan report for                           =>
Nmap scan report for                           <=

7. open putty, and try to ssh each IP address listed in result. one of those ip address list is your raspberry pi ip address. input username: pi and password: raspberry to login via putty to you raspberry pi

login raspberry pi via putty
login raspberry pi via putty

8. delete unnecessary files. on powershell enter this command:
del first.txt second.txt

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 Firmware Update Now LTE Enabled

Samsung has updated firmware for Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 LTE on January 2015. This update which is automatically updated by the system has around 150 Mb in size. At fisrt i thought it was lollypop update, but after installation completed and reboot i didnt see any changes in UI. so i was expecting other kind of update, and violaa, after i checked my data connection, new menu appear. this menu now enable us to choose LTE data connection :).

Samsung LTE menu
Samsung LTE menu

With this update now we can use LTE data connection (if it is available) on our Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4. To update this firmware just do check system/software update from setting > general > about device > software update, choose update now or check automatic update if you want this system to do the updat automatically whenever the update is available. Thats it, enjoy your Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 with faster (LTE) data connection :D.

Samsung Galaxy tab S8.4 Bluetooth Keyboard

Samsung Galaxy tab s8.4 8.4 is great tablet with great capabilities, I have posted my Unbundling notes before.  Here I want to write it’s Bluetooth keyboard features.  Samsung Galaxy tab Bluetooth keyboard comes with nice design. It is perfectly fit with Samsung Galaxy tab S8.4 tablet.  The color is the same (mine is silver-gold color),  the size is not disappointing,  although it is smaller compared with notebook keyboards,  but it has good space between each button, this post in fact is written using Samsung Galaxy tab S8.4 Bluetooth Keyboard. It has some function (fn)  buttons that serve as android operational menu. Such as “back button”,  “home button”, and “list option/setting button”. This way, some touch screen operations can be replaced by pressing these function buttons.

Samsung Galaxy tab S8.4 with redmi 1S
Samsung Galaxy tab S8.4 with redmi 1S

This keyboard is rechargeable, the charger is not included in its package. We can recharge it’s battery using usual battery charger for Android phones (from the manual book however, it is stated that we should use only samsung-approved chargers and cables). I haven’t tested how long the battery would last, but it should last for 120 hrs (approx) while the charging time take about 2 hrs.

This keyboard is able to connect to any android device with Bluetooth. Connecting this keyboard to the Android device is very simple. Turn on the keyboard, turn on the Bluetooth on device and ask to pair to keyboard. Confirmation menu will come up on our android device, giving us instruction to type some numbers on keyboard. After we press all the numbers on keyboard, our default input method on our android device is switched to Samsung Galaxy tab S8.4 Blutooth keyboard.

Although the size is quit small, (which reduce the pleasure typing using usual keyboard size) I think this Bluetooth keyboard is quite useful. It increases the productivity of our android device. Just try :).

How To Create Partychat in Google Talk Gtalk

I have some problem when i want to create partychat in google talk recently. It is easier before, just go to create room and invite people, then your room will appear in gtalk as people account and you can cat and do this partychat command like /invite /alias /help, dll. but now it doesn’t work like before. the invitation doesn’t show any effect when it is accepted.

After some observation my friend find issue with domain, but we still couldn’t solve it. then he came up with other solution. seeing other party chat he has that had been created in the past. all of the partychat account always ended with, so he tried to rename grup address following the format
for example i want make newgroup called TuesdayRunners.
to create partychat with that name i just need to write and add that address to gtalk, invite to chat

1. Add, choose invite to chat

Party chat in google talk
Party chat in google talk : create new grup, invite that grup

2. Search in chat list for your new grup you just create, choose chat

Party chat in google talk
Party chat in google talk : searching for newly created group

3. Start chatting and invite people,

Create Partychat in Gtalk
Create Partychat in Gtalk : entering command

to invite other people you can try to enter command /invite, if it didnt work, just send email to people you want to join to partychat group to manually add as if we add new chat contact (as usual) :). Good Luck

Review & Unboxing Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4″ GSM LTE : Perfect Display Tablet With Great Functionality (Indonesia)

Galaxy Tab S 8.4″ is announced on Juni 2014, and Released in July 2014. This tablet main feature is its super amoled display, with 359 ppi resulting in rich color and higher contrast than other tablets (such as ipad mini’s retina display and tablets with conventional LCD display).

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4"
Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4″

you should see device specification listed below :

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4" specification2
Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4″ specification
Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4" specification2
Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4″ specification

credit : taken from gsmarena

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4″ FEATURES
1. SUPER AMOLED SCREEN : Rich Colour & High Contrast Display (richer & higher than conventional ldc display)
2. MULTIWINDOW FOR MULTITASKING : Performs multitasking smoothly
3. SIDE SYNC 3.0 : Sycn your tablet with your galaxy S phone
4. ADAPTIVE DISPLAY : Automatically adjusts sharpness & contrass for different application
5. FINGER SCANNER : Provides better security for your tablet
6. KIDS MODE : Restrict Kids from harmful use of tablet
7. REMOTE PC : Ability to access PC anytime & anywhere

UNBOXING Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4″


Unboxing Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4″ : Book Cover & Samsung Box
Unboxing Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4

Unboxing Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4″ : Package
Unboxing Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4

Unboxing Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4″ : Tablet, Charger, Memory Card, and ear phone
Unboxing Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4

Unboxing Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4″ : Tablet, Charger, Memory Card, and ear phone
Unboxing Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4

Unboxing Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4″ : Cover Stand
Unboxing Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4

FEEL Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4″
this tablet is light (~298 gr) and offer great portability

CAMERA Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4″
Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4″ camera result

Unboxing Samsung Galaxy tab S 8.4
Unboxing Samsung Galaxy tab S 8.4″ : Rear Camera Result Potrait

Unboxing Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4
Unboxing Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4″ Rear Camera

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4″ video result

Unboxing Samsung Galaxy S Tab 8.4
Unboxing Samsung Galaxy S Tab 8.4″ : Rear Camera Result Landscape
Unboxing Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4
Unboxing Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4″ : Front Camera Result Landscape

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4″ Video Capture Result

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4″ Benchmark Result

Unboxing Samsung Galaxy S Tab 8.4
Unboxing Samsung Galaxy S Tab 8.4″ : Antutu Benchmark Result

credit :

BBM for Android Free Download : Plus Minus of BBM for Android Aplication

It is confirmed and tested that BBM for android is working for any android ics 4.0 or later ‘phone’ version and iphone. I had confirmed it by my huawei y 300 phone, it works smoothly and pretty fast compared to Line. However BBM which is known for its robustness still lack of feature.. unlike whatsup which offers to send media form, image, sound, and video, BBM only offers the user to send Picture and record of sound. But its speed and its message status (Delivered-Read notification) is good enough if you consider, minimal usage of multimedia during your communication. User interface is pretty good, but the font and send-option message bar is to big and little bit disturbing for 4 inch phone.

if you want to experience it you can download it here
download free BBM for Android
this is the right link of BBM application on playstore among other BBM-like applications in playstore.

If you come to playstore and search it, just type “BBM for Android”.. This morning, it is located on the second list, with title BBM and small description “BlackBerry Limited”. just make sure you download the right one 🙂

Currently Tablet is not Supported
If you want to download BBM for your tablet, but you can’t install it, there is no wrong with your device. From article , i find out that this new release version has not yet support the Tablet version of any android. so just be patient if you still want to download BBM for your tablet, it may come real soon :D.

here i will resume the plus minus off bbm compared to some other chat application
plus :
– Fast & Smooth (compared to Line)
– Add privacy because you use BBM ID instead of you own phone number.
– Has Delivered and Read notification. It will help you to assure the status of your message (whatsup doesnt have this)
– Good User Interface. The display of Android for BBM is better than the original BBM in Blackberry

minus :
– Minimal Multimedia Feature. You can only send your picture and recorded sound (compared to whatsup and Line)
– Harder to invite or to add friend because you should know the BBM ID (compared to whastup)
– Knowing BBM ID doesnt mean you can call the user. BBM ID is separated information to phone number, you still need to share or know phone number manually to be able to call other user.
– Little bit disturbing display of send message option. The display is too big for 4 inch screen

Nah, I think thats all,
again you can download BBM For Android Here

List of PC Tablet With Docking

List of PC tablet with docking. Below i write a list of PC Hybrid or PC Tablet Laptop with Docking Station. Other options to attach keyboard to our table exist, such as (non-original) keyboard docking for android and keyboard docking for ipad. But these devices i write below has its original keyboard docking and offers us experience of tablet PC and laptop at the same time.

1. Asus Transformer Pad
Asus transformer pad is tablet PC offered by asus. it has eee lines of producst listed in . Asus categorized their product into 3 brands :

Asus Tablet Product
  • Asus Vivo Tab : Windows 8, 10.1″ display, Intel® Atom™ Z2760 Dual-core, Keyboard Docking
Asus Vivo Tab
  • Asus Transformer Tab : Android (Ice Cream Sandwich), 10.1″ display NVIDIA® Tegra® 3 T30L Quad-Core @1.2Ghz, Keyboard Docking
Asus Transformer
  • Asus MemoPad : Android (Jelly bean), 10″ display, NVIDIA Tegra 3 QuadCore, no Keyboard Docking
Asus Memo Pad

2. Microsoft Surface
Microsoft surface is revolutionary new tablet by Microsoft, The Surface comes in two versions: one with Windows RT and another with Windows 8 Pro. The Windows RT model uses an ARM CPU, while the Windows 8 Pro model uses an Intel CPU.

Surface Pro comes with : Win 7, 10.6″ ClearType Full HD Display, 3rd Gen 1Intel® CoreTM i5 Processor with Intel HD Graphics 4000

Surface Pro

Issue with microsoft surface comes with its storage capacity. Its Operating system and applications will need around 32 GB of storage. Leaving amount of harddisk space – 32GB to be used as real storage for files.

3.HP Envy
HP Envy X2 is notebook that doubles as tablet. It offers windows 8 experience laptop with bright display and the mobility of tablet. Its main feature are : Windows 8, Intel Atom Processor Z2760 (1.80GHz) + Intel Graphics for 64GB SSD, 11.6-inch display IPS.


4. Samsung Ativ
Samsung offers Samsung Ativ smart PC and Samsung Ativ SmartPC Pro. Samsung Ativ SmartPC comes with  : Windows 8, Intel Atom Processor Z2760, 11.6″ Intel Graphic Media Accelerator

Samsung Ativ

5. Lenovo IdeaPad
Lenovo comes up with variety of PC Tablet Product, IdeaPad Yoga is one of its product that offers you 4 mode. Like it said in it website, “Choose from one of four modes to use your Yoga: tablet, laptop, tent or stand. Simply flip and fold
the touchscreen, then start your journey.”

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga

Yoga 11 with 11.6″ HD display and Yoga 13 with 13.3″ HD IPS Display.
Those two products is actually called convertible laptop, its keyboards can move almost freely in 360 one axis movement.

More tablet experience are offered by

  • IdeaTab S2110 : Android 4, 10.1″
  • IdeaTab Lynk : Up to Win 8, 11.6″
  • Thinkpad Tablet 2 : Up to Win 8, 11.6″
IdeaTab S2110
IdeaTab Lynk
ThinkPad Tablet 2