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Sotfware is program that made by human to help them work easier.

C Programming : Getting Started

1. Writing Hello World, Open you notepad and write this line

printf(“hello world\n”);

2. Save it and name the program with .c as extension.
for example hello.c

3. Compile the program using compiler, you can use and install gcc, after installation complete open command prompt and enter command below

gcc hello.c -o hello

4. The compiler will compile the program and result some file
hello.c and hello.exe

5. Now you can run the program by typing hello or hello.exe and hit enter

C program consist of function and variables .
Function contains statements that specify computing operations to be done,
Variables store values used during the computation
Main is special function, your program begins executing at the beginning of the main
Function arguments are list of values provided when calling the function, as a method to communicate data between function

How to run android on windows : Bluestack

If you want to try android software but you don’t have any phone that support this operating system. don’t worry you can observe and try android application/software by using Bluestack. Bluestack will enable you to install any software that usually runs / installed on android, fast and with full screen. You can get experience to play android software such as angry birds, pulse, dll.

this software comes with some features such as :

how to play android apps on windows
how to play android apps on windows
how to install android software on windows
feature for pc manufacturer
bluestack feature 1
bluestack feature 1
bluestack feature 2
bluestack feature 2
how to install android app on windows
feature bluestack 3

we can do some modification to bluestack to optimize blue stack application to work. this modification requires us to edit our windows registry. you may try to change some values in windows registry file that describes blue stack.

you can go there to edit its value
regedit-> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\BlueStacks\Guests\Android\
each key and values represent different respond if you edit it :). before you edit these values i suggest you to backup your registry.

For your information, any application which meets android specification will be able to install here, but of course any software which requires to access some other sensor which only available on smartphone, such as accelerometer can not run properly.

Top 10 sites Free Download Font

A lot of font types can be used to beautify your web, your design, your ms word project. Sometime these font types are not available by default in Windows 7 or MAC, so it is better for you to look around, doing observation to choose which font that can help you this is come sites which offer us Free Download Font. Just click link below to go to download page 🙂

These are Top 10 sites that offer us Free download font


How to install font on Photoshop

Installing font in photoshop can be done by simply download font and install it on windows.

1. Download the font you want to install
2. To download font you can google it or go to,
3. Open .zip file, double click font file (with .ttf extension)
4. Choose yes, when installation window comes up
5. Check installed font on control panel > appearance and personalization > font
6. Run Photoshop
7. Check installed font in font option

This font will also appear in other program that enables us to write alphabet such as word processing aka MS WORD and MS Excel, enjoy 🙂

How to protect your eyes health from Laptop Screen (exhaustion)

When we are sitting for to long time in front our laptop, or our monitor, our eyes are easily exhausted. for short term it may not be a problem for us, but for long term, it tend to reduce our eyes’ health. so we can use this software called eye pro. This software basically will inform you when to take a break from your laptop screen. this break is important for laptop users who work in front of monitor for more than 2 hours each day. This program is available for free download EyePro.

beside its basic function eye pro has there features :
· Short breaks with eye exercises every at preset time.
· Eye exercises shown by an eye pleasing Tweet bird.
· Screen blocking long breaks for every Pre time.
· Sound Notifications with male voice.
· Customizable parameters.
· Notifications announcing a long break coming.
· Automatic adaptability by activating “THM” mode.
· Multi-monitor system support.
· Eye Pleasing and Un-irritative Pop Ups.
· Displays Facts and tips related to eye during breaks.
· Health Meter which indicates the status of improvement due to regular use of EyePro.
· Adjust display settings with just 1 click of a button to avoid eye strains.
· Answer a simple questionnaire which estimates your present eye status and generates a suitable THM code.
· Automatic adjustment of program settings according to your current eye status by activating THM mode.
· A unique program that is done under guidance of eminent eye specialists.

how to protect your eyes health from laptop screen (exhaustion)
how to protect your eyes health from laptop screen (exhaustion)

To protect your eyes from laptop screen and to monitor your eyes health you can download this eye pro software for free.

How to transform your windows into MAC

well, it is not really transformation tough :). But using some software we can modify our windows to look like MAC. Some separated software exist and can be use, but there is complete package that you can use. This package will install new theme in our windows. So that in appearance setting we can choose MAC theme, which offers us MAC icon and appearance.

this is the example

how to transform your windows into MAC

To transform your windows into MAC you can download this package software called Lion Skin Pack. this software will help you to change all the windows icon into MAC icon once you install it. it will also set the sound into MAC sound, and set font environment into MAC font. Its nice, easy to install and easy to use.

Once you have installed this software, it will automatically activate its MAC Lion theme on your windows dekstop. But however you can choose which theme and you can modificate it. Just right click on your free space on desktop and choose personalisation and choose MAC. you can download Lion Skin Pack in link below :

How to backup your email

How to backup your email? it may seem safe but do most of you use free email account like yahoo mail and gmail?. so whats the problem of using free email account? well there is no guarantee that your email will be available forever :), for example if you have exceeded memory restriction, or if there is server maintenance which means you cant access your email for that time. Answering the question we can try some methods to backup our email, so that we can access it from our device when we need it.

1. To back up email we can download the email into our devices (PC, Laptop, dll). There are some software which can help us doing this task

Is a free email application thats easy to set up and customize – and it’s loaded with great features. It is really easy to set up, you just need to provide 3 information : name, email account, and email account password. After you provide this information, it will retrieve setting from your mail server, you than can choose retrieve mode, imap, or pop3. after you choose the mode, thunderbird will download all your email to your device. It will also download folder structure, not just inbox, so it will make sure you get all your email into your device. It is easy to use and really easy to set up.

how to backup your email

Zimbra Desktop
Zimbra Desktop is free email application for your desktop. With bigger installation size, around 90Mb, Zimbra dekstop offers you much more utilities. We can backup our email while enjoying other utilities provided by Zimbra.

2. Back up our email by forwarding email

We can backup email by using forwarding options. Every email sent to our mailbox can be forwarded to other email account. You just need to set up second email account and setting the forwarding options. In yahoo, you can’t do this if you are not premium user, but we can use it in gmail. go to setting => forwarding and pop/imap => set the forwarding address

you can download thunderbird here free download thunderbird

How to play flv file and subtitle in MAC

It seemed that my MAC installation couldn.t play any flv file, and also can’t play other file with subtitle. Like usual, video player needs right codec to be able to play some file (specific ext), in windows we can download K-lite codec pack or another package. In MAC installation, because i am not really MAC user, i got confused for a while finding the right program to play flv file.

1. Perian : it is opensource quicktime component that enable QuickTime to play some video format which is not supported by default.

2. Qt Player : Update version of Quicktime player can be used to make sure that you have installed the latest version which is in better state than version before.

3. XBMC : Free and opensource media player developed by XBMC foundation, it is similiar with Windows media center which offers us, complete package of media player. After installing this software i can play flv file, and other format nicely. It can also play subtitle. Other than the fact that this player seems needs high amount of RAM when active, it serves us complete package of media player we need.


4. VLC : VLC player is also free player, it usually work in windows, but in my MAC installation it didn’t work well and couldn’t perform what i need.

From some software i tried above, I recommend you to install and use XBMC, since it doesn’t need any plug-in, or any update before we use it. 🙂

How to Choose Your Computer, Server, PC

There are some important factors that determine how computer works. Those important factor should be known by customer in order to choose right product that suits their need. Here, i will write down some important factors that drive computer performance :

1. Processor Core : Core number is the number of processing unit that is used in processor. The more number of core processor has, the better the computer performs applications. It is also expected to result in better multitasking process.

2. Clock Speed : Clock speed is frequency clock in one second. Higher the number of clock speed, Faster the processor performs calculation/process. It is usually written in GHz. This clock speed always affects processor temperature and power used by computer.

3. FSB (Front Side Bus) : Front Side Bus is the main channel that bridges processor and RAM. FSB is written in MHz. It reflects data rate between processor and RAM.

4. Cache Memory : It is high speed memory that is used to save important data, data that is used frequently by processor. So processor doesn’t need to access RAM directly to perform memory operation. The number represented by L1, L2, L3, which means Level, higher number of cache memory can be used as indicator for better performance.

5. Heat Sink & Cooling Fan, and Power consumption (for PC and Server)

6. Socket and Processor Generation : Socket architecture is important when you consider to change your processor. Different socket can’t be used to place any processor because its different architecture. Processor Generation reflects in technology used, newer processor generation comes up with more sophisticated technology, and better performance.

7. RAM (Random Access Memory) : Higher the RAM and FSB, faster the data rate between harddisk and processor.

8. Harddisk / Disk Storage : It is devais where permanent data is saved. Now it is represented in GB, Gigabyte. Bigger GB, Bigger room for large file :).

9. VGA :  is an expansion card which generates a feed of output images to a display. It offers function such as accelerated rendering of 3D scenes and2D graphics, video decoding, and TV/multiple output. It is usually represented in video memory and clock rates. As usual, higher is better, but of course you should consider other factors above.

Those are some important factors to choose your computer 🙂

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How To Compress PDF File

How to compress pdf file
There was a case when i needed to compress my pdf file which is generated from ms word, but i had to compress it till this file has size no larger that 100 KB. After trying some ways, including online file submission and googling, i only found one solution. nitro pdf. you can use nitro pdf to compress your file with steps below.

1. Download/Install nitro pdf
2. Run nitro pdf
3. Open pdf file that you like to optimize or compress (reduce file size)
4. On menu file, choose optimize pdf

How to compress pdf file 1
How to compress pdf file 1

5. The next window choose remove object tab
make sure you check all boxes presented, because it will reduce you file size greater than you ever imagine :).

How to compress pdf file 2
How to compress pdf file 2

6. Click optimize and you get new smaller-size pdf file :D, Save as

To download nitro pdf trial version you can go here or free download nitro pdf