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Sotfware is program that made by human to help them work easier.

Adobe audition : How to combine sound files

Combining sound file can be done using adobe audition. It is very easy to do. All you need to do is just open/run adobe audition and add/open any sound file you want to combine. But it has to be formatted in sound format, you can not combine video file with sound file using this adobe audition.

If you want to add sound from video format you better convert it into sound format first. there are many free video converter program available in internet, for example : light program such as Free Video to Mp3 Converter.

Adding sound files into your project/session is as simple as opening file. After you open/add sound files into track, you can simply move the track via drag and drop and choose the position to get what you want. you can also set the volume of each sound file, so that you can get the best arrangement.

Other options, such as sound effects are also provided by adobe audition, so that you use it as you want.

After you finish your editing/ combining your sound files, you can save your project into mp3 files, which then you can play it just like any other mp3 files. It is easy to use, simple, and very nice program,

to read more about adobe audition you can read here and download here

Gpedit.msc : edit your working environment in windows

Gpedit or group policy editor, is tool provided by windows 7 ultimate and professional edition, and also windows 8. to configure your working environment in windows. the ability to edit some feature such as login, desktop setting, that is not provided with usual icon in windows, we can edit here. you can read the rest of article here

however other versions of windows 7 do not enable their gpedit, so you have to manually enable it, i found gpedit installer here

by using gpedit, you can use alternative version of regedit to change your windows environtment such as :
enable swiching user
disable aero shake
edit logon windows
remove task manager on Ctrl+alt+del
remove small icon like battery meter, internet explorer, dll
options in network connection
etc, you should browse it yourself and try it

you can run it by write gpedit.msc in
start > search program and files form

How to edit wordpress permalink

permalink is permanent link, it is link that is readable by human. this permalink is used to make it easier for us to read a link and use the link when we want to cite the link. permalink also useful for increase the traffic of your blog. this link usually is generated by rewrite engine.

if you want to edit permalink in you wordpress you can edit it in menu setting > permalink. first you need to go to the dashboard and click the setting icon which is located in right side in the bottom. and choose permalink for example

after you choose the setting you want, you need to remember it, to make you easier if you want to move or create new wordpress installation using you old post/database.

How to strengthen your wordpress : plugins to secure wordpress

In previous post (My WordPress is Hacked) i have explain to you that my website have been hacked for sometime. From source in internet we can use some plugins to minimize the chance of the attack. this plugin is Better WP Security.

some plugins exist but, i just found this Better WP Security plugin.
this plugins offer you some facility such as :

1. file protection
2. edit file permission
3. hidden your login
4. enable/disable ip address
5. enable/disable limit login
6. change the prefix of your table
7. modify htaccess
8. move common directory
9. autobackup database
10. etc

other facility is written in its original website, this however, i write to support this plugins because i use it :). you can perform all of those action just by pressing your mouse in one or two click. it is easy to use, and offer you comprehensive options.

you can download and read the rest of the article here 

Check Internet Connection on Windows

If you use windows and find some problem with your internet connection, you should be able to check it, to solve the problem. Here i give you simple, step by step to check your windows internet connection.

1. ping localhost
open you command prompt and try to ping localhost, if it do not respond. you should check you internet adapter (lan adapter, wireless adapter etc) wheter it is on or not. you can check it start > control panel > network connection . to enable/disable adapter you just need to right click the adapter and choose disable/enable

2. internet connection logo
if the internet connection logo shows you clear icon (without x mark) it means you are already connected to internet, if not, maybe you just connected to local area network.

3. check your ip address
you can use command prompt to check your ip addres. using commmand: ipconfig
if 169.x.x.x shows up. it means you are not connected to internet, because it is the default ip address of microsoft windows. it is possible if ip address allocation from dhcp server exceeds its limit. either you have to wait for other people to leave or you can set manually your ip address provided right information of ip address range available in that place.

4. ping to gateway
gateway is what connects you into internet, if you can ping your gateway means local connection works well.

5. ping familiar internet address
if you have ping your gateway and succeeded, you can try ping familiar internet address such as or ip address such as (dns google).

Create Download Schedule Internet Download Manager

It’s been sometime since i use scheduled download to make me able to download movie in the middle of the night, resulting faster download and reduce traffic in the day. we can perform this scheduled download using idm. internet download manager or IDM gives us queue program, it enables us to specify the schedule, and other option, which help us manage the download time, speed, and other actions.

this is the step by step to create it

1. to create scheduled download, first you need crete new queue
find queue icon and right click, add new queue

create scheduled download idm
create scheduled download idm

2. On the new window appear, write your queue name, here i name it “new queue”

create scheduled download idm 2
create scheduled download idm 2

3. After you name it new window will appear, here you can select or modify the options into the one you want. for example here i want to automatically download files everyday, on 01.00 am till 05.30 am, when i am sleeping and most people too 🙂

create scheduled download idm 3
create scheduled download idm 3

4. Now, when you download file using idm, you can choose download later, than choose the name of the queue that you want

schedule download idm
schedule download idm


schedule download idm
schedule download idm : choose download later


schedule download idm
schedule download idm : choose your queue


Router Analogy and Factor to Consider for Efficient Delivery

Router Analogy,

network link that connects two router is limited by how much data it can transfer per unit of time, commonly reffered as bandwidth or capacity of a link. which is represented by data rate such as 1.54 megabits per second. a network carries traffic on its links and through its routers to the eventual destination; traffic in a network refers to packets generated by different applications such as web/mail.

if traffic suddenly increase, for ex, many users trying to download from the same website, then packets generated can possibly queued at routers or even dropped.

Router actually mantains finite amount of space = buffer. to store backlogged packets temporarily, it is possible to reach the buffer limit.

for efficient delivery of packets there are several key factors to consider :
1. Router with a reasonable amount of buffer space
2. links with adequate bandwidth
3. actual transmission with mininal error
4. Router effeciency in swithing a packet to the appropriate outgoing link

Power Function In C

Power function in C come with pow(a, b);
available in double and float mode

float       powf( float base, float exp );
double      pow( double base, double exp );
long double powl( long double base, long double exp );

in order to get integer representation, you need to cast the double / float value into integer by simple casting


all you need to do to use this pow function is to add
#include <math.h>
to your program


Create favicon and display favicon on browser

Favicon or favorite icon is small icon 16 x 16 pixel icon that is used as an icon for your website. This icon will be displayed in each your browser tab, to represent your website. This small icon file has .ico extention. If you want to put favicon on your website, you need to place it on your root folder of your website.

Thera some ways to create this favicon:

1. You can edit your own image use image editor such as photoshop or paint, or microsoft offfice viewer and make sure your edited image is 16 x 16 pixel
2. You then save it to favicon.ico
3. upload to your root folder of website.

1. you may use favicon generator here to create or draw your favicon
2. I prefer to use my own image and edit it using favicon generator
3. after you finish the process, download the favicon.ico and upload it to your root folder of website.

here is the example on chrome

create favicon and display favicon on browser
favicon on google chrome

here is the example on firefox

create favicon and display favicon on browser
favicon on firefox

To make your browser to display your favicon, you just need to restart the browser,
but if the favicon still not appear you can try to open it on your browser for example after it display the favicon, you can then restart the browser and see the result.

you can  go here to create your favicon

How to install gcc on windows 7

Installing gcc on windows 7 could be done easily by downloading Dev-C++ or devcpp. Dev-C++ or devcpp is featured Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the C/C++ programming language. It uses Mingw port of GCC (GNU Compiler Collection) as it’s compiler. Dev-C++ can also be used in combination with Cygwin or any other GCC based compiler.

you can use this devcpp to compile and run your C or C++ program, but if you want to experience manual compilation using cmd and gcc, you need to modify you windows path, so that you can run gcc command everywhere on you command prompt. Just follow these steps

1. Download Dev-C++
2. Install Dev-C++, for easy process just do the “next” and “next”, you don’t need to configure the installation location
3. After you finish the installation you need to modify windows path to do this first you need to click the start button on windows 7.
4. Right click on “Computer” (above control panel) Menu choose properties
5. Choose advanced system setting (located right above the screen). System properties window will appear.
6. Choose advanced on tab menu, and click environment variables.
7.  On user varibles click new
for variable name write PATH
for variable value write C:\Dev-Cpp\bin;

change windows path
change windows path

8. Now you can compile your program anywhere using command prompt
just run gcc programname.c -o programname

to download DevCpp you can go