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Sotfware is program that made by human to help them work easier.

Windows 8 Free Download

windows 8 free download
windows 8 free download

Miscrosoft has announced its newest operating system Windows 8. It also comes with newest features, its main feature is its compatibility to be ported to most all computer architectures. it fully supports touchscreen device and still suitable for most win 7 applications. Metro UI, is its user interface name.

From one article from microsoft i also found some explanation about its new features, here they are :

  • Fast launching of apps from a tile-based Start screen, which replaces the Windows Start menu with a customizable, scalable full-screen view of apps.
  • Live tiles with notifications, showing always up-to-date information from your apps.
  • Fluid, natural switching between running apps.
  • Convenient ability to snap and resize an app to the side of the screen, so you can really multitask using the capabilities of Windows.
  • Web-connected and Web-powered apps built using HTML5 and JavaScript that have access to the full power of the PC.
  • Fully touch-optimized browsing, with all the power of hardware-accelerated Internet Explorer 10.


here is the video preview :
well, i believe all u want is just to try and download it. well it may just preview edition, but it is said that th final version may include features from this edition
here is the link provided by microsoft :

TCP/IP Protocol Suite and OSI Model (Protocol Mapping)

TCP/IP protocol suite can be modelled related to OSI. Instead seven layer of OSI, in TCP/IP protocol suite (DoD: Department of Defense), it only has four layers.

DoD and OSI Model
DoD and OSI Model

1. Proces/Application layer in TCP/IP or DoD model integrates the functions of Application, Presentation, and Session Layer of OSI model : node-to-node communication and control of user-interface.

2. Host-to-Host layer in TCP/IP or DoD model represents the functions of Transport Layer of OSI model : transmission service, reliable communication, ensuring error-free delivery of data.

3. Internet Layer in TCP/IP or DoD model  represents the functions of Network Layer of OSI model : logical transmission, IP addressing, routing packets across different network.

4. Network Access Layer in TCP/IP or DoD model represents the functions of  Data Link Layer + Physical Layer of OSI model : monitors data exchange between host and network, hardware addressing, defines protocol for the physical transmission of data.

TCP/IP protocol suite in DoD model.

TCP/IP Protocol Suite in DoD Model
TCP/IP Protocol Suite in DoD Model

Process/Application Layer

1.  Telnet : Terminal Emulation, Allows machine (telnet client) to access resources of other (remote) machines (telnet servers).
2. FTP : File Transfer Protocol, Allows user to transfer transfer file between any machines using it. Protocol + Program (Allow user to do performs certain task by hand).
3. TFTP : Trivial File Transfer Protocol, simple version of FTP, reduced functions and security, but faster than FTP.
4. NFS : Network File System, Protocol specializing in File Sharing, allows different types of file systems to interoperate. Ex : NSF server running in NT server and client in unix allows user to access same file with their normal file system in normal way.
5. SMTP : Simple Mail Transfer Protocol handles email, uses spoole or queued, model of mail delivery.
6. LPD : Line Printer Daemon, Printer Sharing
7. X-Window : Client server operation, Display things trough window server on another computer .
8. SNMP : Simple Network Management Protocol collects and manipulates valuable network information.
9. DNS : Domain Name Service, resolves hostname, changes IP address into hostname and hostname into IP address.
10. DHCP : Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol assigns IP addresses to host. BootP : hardware address must be inputted manually in BootP table. DHCP Provides Information : IP address, Subnet Mask, Gateway address, DNS server, Domain Name, WINS information. using UDP to send broadcast message on FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF and

Host-to-Host Layer

TCP ( Transmission Control Protocol )
takes information from application and breaks them into segments, numbers and sequences segments, so that segments can be putted back together in order.

UDP ( User Datagram Protocol )
unreliable protocol, only break information into segments but doesn’t number/sequences the segments, then send it off to destination without any acknowledgement.

TCP and UDP Comparison
TCP and UDP Comparison

Internet Layer

1. IP : Internet Protocol = Internet Layer. it looks each address, using the table, choose the best path to deliver packets.
2. ICMP : Internet Control Message Protocol, provides information about network problems : Destination Unreachable, Buffer Full, Hops, Ping, Traceroute.
3. ARP : Address Resolution Protocol : finds hardware address of known host ip address.
4. RARP : Reverse Address Resolution Protocol : resolves MAC address to ip address.
5. Proxy ARP : Helps Machine reach destination without configuring routing or default gateway.

source : CCNA Study Guide Exam

Block Program Through Windows Firewall

use your firewall to block all exe files in the game’s intsall directory from going online.
blocking program to access internet can be done by setting in windows 7 firewall. Step by step to block program using windows 7 firewall :

1. Open start, write firewall in search program and files

block exe program with firewall
block exe program with firewall

2. Choose allow a program through windows firewall.
3. In new window that appear choose ‘Change Setting’ to enable you to edit firewall rules for each program.

allow program through windows firewall
list of allowed program through windows firewall

4. Find program names that you want to block, for example Pro Evolution Soccer
if you want to block the program from accessing the internet, make sure the check box is empty.

if you fill the check box before program names, it means you allow this program to access the internet. Removing the check in the check box before the program name means you block/disallow this program to access the internet.

GNS3 : How to add IOS image in GNS3

After we started dan make sure it configured correcty. we can then move to the next step. adding IOS image in our GNS to run the simulation of Cisco IOS. Adding the IOS image can be done by these steps :

1. Run GNS3
2. In menu bar, choose edit , choose IOS Images and hypervisors
3. In IOS images and hypervisors window, choose image file
4. New window to locate/select your image file will appear, choose image file with .bin extension
5. Choose save

Now if you drag and drop router icon according to you IOS image for example : router C7200, GNS will not display any warning, and you can start configuring your router simulation.

To download image file you can search via google 🙂

GNS3 : How to start and check Dynamips

GNS 3 Testing and Setting

How to start and check Dynamips

when you first time open GNS3 program, new windows will appear,

1. choose button 1 to do testing path to Dynamips and to check wheter our working directory is valid or not

2. in new window appear choose dynamips in right side menu

3. then choose test button in the bottom of the window

4. if “Dynamips succesfully started” means your installation is succeced, if not, your installation may be corrupted

Download TOR and Install TOR : keep you anonymous

One major advantages of today’s technology is Internet, which allow us to communicate each other, browse and find any data, do money transactions, etc. Internet implementation however allows application to track our record when we surf. It can collect our ip address, our browsing preferences, and other data that may be important for other party. One way to minimize our exposure is to use anonymous network.

Downloading and installing Tor in windows is done by usual double click.
After that your download will extract tor files into you location that you have set
In that location new folder named Tor Browser will appear. All you need to do is just to run Start Tor Browser.exe file. After you run this firefox browsrer which is configured with Tor configuration will appear and by default will show you confirmation that you have succesfully established internet connection via Tor.

You can download and read more about Tor here

Distance Vector Approach

six node network bellman ford algorithm
six node network bellman ford algorithm

if node i can get information from its neighbour about minimum cost of the minimum cost path to a destination, it can then determine the cost to the destination by adding direct link cost dik


distance vector
distance vector view

in distance vector routing protocol, router informs its neighbours of topology changes periodically.

The term distance vector refers to the fact that the protocol manipulates vectors (arrays) of distances to other nodes in the network


credits :


Download Master : How to download any files in website page

When we need to download any files in website page we will have a problem because in usual way, we need to manually click each one of the file/link we need to download. Saving page manually sometime doesn’t work because any file which is in link format won’t be saved/downloaded into our harddisk.

I first face this problem when i need to migrate my multiply blog into blogger. Muliply provides us step by step to migrate multiply blog into other blog. It provided us export post and other data available which is suitable with blogger or other blog. But it doesnt provided us easy media download. so that any media ex photo, video, etc which we have uploaded into our multiply account can’t be downloaded in single download. however, multiply provides us link to download each files in one web page. So they suggest us to use chrome extension that will enable us to download any files that is linked or embedded on the website page.

The extension is download master. This extension will make us able to download any files in website page. After installation completed, this extension will be available in upper right of chrome browser. If we click this extension icon, in any web page it will display us check box of the list of the file that can be downloaded in that web page. It nice and easy to use. But since this download master is chrome extension, we just can use it in chrome, and it will do just as the same with manual download in saving its files. so we better set our download folder first before we perform the actions, so that we get our files that we download at that time in certain folder.

free download download master