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Probability And Statistic Terms : Basic Probability Terms

Probability and statistics is very important in real life application, it is very useful for analysis in business process and market research. here i write some term usually used in probability and statistic in order to make us more familiar and to review/remember it.

1. Random Experiment : Experiment that its outcome can’t be measure for certainty for ex, the result when we toss the dice in contrast with biology experiment that usually comes up with general result, provided we control the variable under alike conditions

2. Sample Spaces : A set S that contains of all possible outcome from random experiment. when we toss a dice than sample space is (1,2,3,4,5,6) or all possible outcome of each side of the dice
-Sample points : Each outcome in sample spaces.
-Finite sample space : if sample space has finite number of points (discrete sample space ex= integer)
-Countably infinite sample space : if it has as many points as natural number
-Uncountably infinite sample space : if it has as many points in some interval in x axis 0<=x<=1 = (nondiscrete sample space ex= real number) 3. Event : is subset A of sample space S, a set of possible outcomes -Elementary set : single points/posible outcome -Certain set : set S, where any of S can occure -Empty set : if element can not occur in S -Union : if either A or B or both occure = A U B -Intersection : if both A and B occurs = A and B -complement of A : A' = Not A = Sample space - A -A but not B represented by = A-B or A and B' -Mutually Exclusive : If A and B can not both occur (A and B = 0) 4. Axiom of Probability Supposed we have discrete set S then all subsets corresponds to event, Conversely we have nondiscrete set S, only special subsets called measurable correspond to event, To each event A in the class C of event, we associate a real number P(A). P is called probability function, and P(A) the probability of event if the following axiom is satisfied [caption width="500" align="aligncenter"]axiom of probability axiom of probability[/caption]

5. Probability Theorem
probability theorem

probability theorem
probability theorem