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24/7 and Media Integration Marketing Concept

Everyone can do marketing. on one of an occasion i have been invited by my friend to join marketing seminar from one of marketing magazine in jakarta. The seminar talks about the power of 24/7 and media integration in marketing. by using all media available now we can increase the marketing prospect.

There were two examples/study cases how we can do this concept,

the first example comes from soyjoy which used only 5 blogger to talk about this product and it succesfully made almost all singapore citizen aware of it. following soyjoy success story, the management use media integration concept on pocari sweat case. pocari sweat claimed it first ever declining profit in 2010. it forced the management to act with new marketing ideas. the head marketing responded really well, resulting marketing ideas with full media integration. they use blogger, celebrity, and game to introduce the product to the customer. this marketing concept results in its increasing profit in the following year.

the second example comes from this online site sells fashion products below 100.000 rupiahs. the owner of this site using media integration. She create facebook game, named miss & match game, where we can choose & combine shirts, trousers, and other wearable fashion, any combinations of those fashion components is given a score. it proves to entertain a lot of women facebook users, she claimed more than 5000 users use this application in its early launch.

So how did she integrate the game into the marketing?

She not only put the game to announce its brand, further she made any fashion product in this game available offline, to be purchased by the customer. After finish the game, user will be able to see the product and to buy the product.

Have you practice this concept :)?