Backtrack 5 Installation

Backtrack 5 is ubuntu based OS that has many penetration tool installed inside. it usually used by people to begin learning about networking and hacking. u can download the source in and choose which one meets your need. that page will ask u

1. VM Flavor / Desktop Environment : GNOME and KDE .

2. Architecture : Arm, 32bit, 64bit

3. Image : ISO/VMware

for example u’re planning to install it in your laptop, u can choose : KDE, 32bit, ISO , then click download. ISO image also provides ability to use Unetbotin. Using software Unetbootin, u can create bootable BT5 in Flashdisk/External Harddrive, it will help you who doesn’t want to install this OS directly on your Laptop. U can download Unetbootin in Tutorial to create bootable drive also provided in that website.

U can install BT5 to your computer using the ISO images, u can burn ISO image to DVD, or simply use the flashdisk with bootable BT5 (Using Unetbootin).

1. Plug-in the bootable DVD/flash drive.

2. After some proccess Enter the default login name : root and the default password : toor

3. To load the desktop enter command:  startx

4. Choose / click located in top-left corner of the screen

5. Follow the instruction


BT5 provides some options in installation proccess, u can choose guided option or advanced one. in guided option u are given options to choose whether u want to create dual boot OS or not, in advanced one, u will specify the partition by yourself. here i choose guided dual boot OS and then choose the part of the disk that will be taken for BT5 partition. For trial i just allocate 10 GB. Then, the installation continue and when it has finished, reboot your system and you will get  BT5  as default booted OS.

U can start your practice after that.



backtrack5 wallpaper
backtrack5 wallpaper



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