Automatically Create Read More Page WordPress

For your each of your wordpress web you have your own themes. Each theme has its own setting. For example, originally my themes didnt create “Read More” for each article in home page. Manually i can set it up in my new post. Simply by clicking more icon in the middle or after some words in article. The result will be home page with list of my posts, but now it has read more section that will drive the user to single post format.

If you want to do it automatically u can choose or use the_excerpt() function instead the_content() function.
You can do this to you home page by doing these steps :
1. Open Your dashboard
2. Go to Appereance ===> Editor
3. Choose index.php to be modified
4. Find string the_content()
5. Replace it with the_excerpt()
6. Update/Save this modification

Now you will have automatically created read more section for all your posts displayed on your homepage

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