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How to Easily Remove Unneccessary files on Android

I first noticed when my samsung galaxy tab S 8.4 s warned me about storage full. after i  manually did some house keeping (i removed big files such as : video, mp3, and large document), there’s still (unvisible) large file size in my internal storage. i remember there is ccleaner program in windows that works well for removing unnecessary file.

after i search on playstore i found this android ccleaner.  just few clicks and found cache files with over 1 GB size in my tablet. it is very easy, fast, and effective for remove unnecessary files  on android.

As mentioned on it site, beside its main function (for me) to remove unnecessary files, it can also be use to monitor our android system, install/uninstall program, removes sms one – by – one or in bulk and. Its free and adsfree too!.

here are the links :), enjoy