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Status up but protocol down cisco router

it happened this morning when i check vrf
Status up but protocol down cisco router

some situs explaine that its because the connection between interface and the other end failed to negotiate, to solve this, we need to make sure the setting between our interface and the other end configured rightly. “This could be caused by a unidirectional link of some type, a hardware/software failure on the switch, or the other side could be err-disabled or shutdown on the other side. This could also be a problem if different protocols are used for trunking(ISL vs dot1q).

host#sh ipv4 vrf all interface brief
Tue Feb 11 09:19:54.620 GMT

Interface IP-Address Status Protocol Vrf-Name

host#sh ipv4 vrf all interface brief | in 0/0/0/0.3550
Tue Feb 11 09:34:08.637 GMT
GigabitEthernet0/0/0/0.3550 Up Down Mpls_A

but after i check it seems that there was no problem with the configuration because other interface showed up up status.

after showing list of all interface with the same vrf name i figured out that there are 2 interface within same vrf that had same ip address..

GigabitEthernet0/0/0/0.3544 Up Up Mpls_A
GigabitEthernet0/0/0/0.3550 Up Down Mpls_A

so the problem is because we assigned same IP address to different interface within same vrf :).

How to change default fn button function

change fn button function
change fn button function hp

i have this HP laptop that gave me different fn utility. before this hp laptop i have asus laptop. this hp laptop had default fn function that is assigned to media player function, display function, volume control, wifi control and lcd screen option. so for example, the default button will give me volume up if i press f11, increase brightness if i press f3 and stop/play media player function if i press f6, f7, f8. i prefer to use this spacial function if i press it together with fn button, not when i press this f1-f12 button alone.

actually we can solve it with 2 solution:
first one. we can enter the bios menu and get adjust the setting in bios menu 🙂
second one. we can use software or application to assign and re arrange how our keyboard works.

one of the software that can do this is sharpkeys 😀
its simple and it meets the requirement (function) i need

okay that is How to change default fn button function

please download here
or here