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Rooting Huawei Ascend Y300

For Indonesia user with B186 firmware, i dont recommend to root your huawei ascend y300 with non-official ways, because it can make your screen broken, your screen will display unstable light when you boot, you lock, you unlock, and when it is in standby position. I got my upper right corner blinking unstably, it is annoying and frustating, because fabric reset and usual reset didnt fix this problem.

huawei ascend y300

I had to restore it to factory firmware, but because i couldnt find any B186 firmware, i had to restore it to B175 (for middle east) but at least it worked. I lost my notification panel though because i havent done any back up before. I recommend you to use official ways, by requesting huawei unlock code in huawei website.

the step by step guide for unlocking and rooting huawei ascend y300 is described here,

i have tried it and did it successfully :), thanks to

this b175 version comes up with simple UI and less ram usage though, so you will get more free ram than in b186 version. As for the missing notification panel, you can use free application in google play such as :toucher, dll 🙂